Cabinet approves preferred route for new link road in Pinhoe, Exeter

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Posted on: 11 July 2012

Devon County Council’s cabinet has today (11 July) approved plans to take the Exhibition Way Link Road scheme to the next stage.

A three-week consultation was held earlier this year on plans for a link road between Exhibition Way and Harrington Lane. Views were sought on four different route options for the link road across Eastern Fields, three of which go directly to Harrington Lane and one via Chancel Lane.

Option One, which goes through the smallest area of Eastern Fields and provides good access to the brickworks development, proved the most popular route for the link road.

As part of the proposals, the bridge at Exhibition Way would also need refurbishing, including waterproofing, resurfacing and increasing the heights of the parapets.

The existing bridge is not currently wide enough to take two-way traffic and provide a safe crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists.

Bridge Option C, which would allow two-way traffic across the existing bridge and a separate new pedestrian and cycle bridge, received most support. However, negotiations with Network Rail would be necessary for any new structure over the railway and could result in further costs.

Having closely examined all the issues, it is felt that Bridge Option A would give greater certainty of delivering the link road. This would mean a single carriageway and a give-and-take or signal controlled system for cars with a single pedestrian/cycle footpath.
Depending on funding opportunities, a separate pedestrian/cycle bridge as per Option C could still be delivered at some point in the future.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation, said: “I want to thank everyone who took part in the consultation. We had an excellent response and this has helped us shape plans for the next stage. Clearly Option 1 was strongly supported and although a slightly longer route through residential areas, will help minimise traffic impacts from new development on roads where there are existing local concerns. In terms of the bridge option, we feel we’ve made the best compromise by going for option A which will allow us to upgrade to option C at a later stage if necessary. Work will now continue on putting together detailed designs in order to submit a planning application”

Local member for Pinhoe and Mincinglake, Councillor Saxon Spence said: “I want to thank all the staff involved in the consultation which was very well organised. Traffic is a real problem in Pinhoe and clearly it’s important we get the financial input we need from developers to mitigate against the possible increase of vehicles travelling through the area. I think it is wise to go ahead with Option 1 and I believe we have really given local people the chance to express their views.”

The need for the new road was originally identified in the Exeter City Council Local Plan and more recently in the Core Strategy infrastructure plan to  support new housing developments in the Pinhoe area. These include proposals for 2,500 homes at Monkerton, 400 homes at Pinhoe Quarry, up to 250 homes at Ibstock Brickworks, 450 homes at Old Park Farm, and 350 homes at Pinn Court. The link road would be funded by developers of Pinhoe Quarry and Ibstock Brickworks.

The consultation report is available online and the cabinet papers can be viewed here.

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