Final plans for the South Devon Link Road submitted

South Devon link road

Posted on: 15 March 2012

After getting the green light in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, the final plans for the South Devon Link Road have been submitted.

Devon County Council has been working to finalise the proposals since the scheme was awarded £76.4 million funding in November.  Devon and Torbay Councils have committed £33million towards the project, with Teignbridge contributing £500,000.

The official Orders for the scheme were confirmed by the Department for Transport in December 2011, following publication of the long awaited verdict from the 2009 Public Inquiry, recommending full support for the plans.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation said:

“We have reached another important milestone in the project. We are expecting that the plans will receive approval from the Department for Transport over the next few weeks, and once that happens, we can finally get this show on the road!

“It is really a momentous time. Improvements in air quality and the reduction in congestion will provide a better quality of life for Kingskerswell residents. This scheme will also transform the Bay, revitalise the local economy and bring a raft of opportunities for growth and enterprise. It will bring benefits to our county, and further afield.

“It is so significant that it has galvanised support from across Devon, Somerset and beyond, with people from all walks of life and business backing the plans. It will be great to see work start and the scheme taking shape.”

Mayor of Torbay, Gordon Oliver said:

“We are delighted that we’re down to the final details – the road is becoming a reality. After so many years of campaigning, talking and planning, we’re getting ever closer to our goal. The construction of the road is going to bring immediate benefits to our local community.

“Being better connected to the UK will enable many of our local businesses to attract more companies to the region, and therefore create new jobs. It is estimated that the new road will deliver around 7,960 jobs in the South Devon area – 3,554 jobs in Torbay. We are committed to working with our neighbours through our new Enterprise Taskforce to identify complimentary schemes that will deliver growth.

“We are also working to ensure that there is minimal disruption to this vital route. The contract specifies that the flow of traffic must be maintained at levels equal or better than the existing situation, so that commuters, visitors and residents are able to go about their business as normal. But we’re looking forward to the day when the road is opened up for good and we can all benefit from dual carriageway along the entire route.”

The plans will now be considered by the Department for Transport before the contract is awarded in early summer. Preparatory work prior to the main construction will begin towards the end of the year, with a variety of enabling works required before the main construction phase can begin. This includes constructing culverts, retaining walls, moving utilities plant, clearing sites and ecological mitigation work.

Once the initial phase is complete, the main construction works are planned to start in spring 2014 and be finished by December 2015.


2 comments on “Final plans for the South Devon Link Road submitted

  1. Nick Edmonds on said:

    Considering this project has been on the agenda for so long and will be approved in the Summer of this year, I cannot believe the start date is not until Spring 2014.

    • Devon Newscentre on said:

      Thanks for your comment Nick. The construction contract is a design and build contract, so once the contract is awarded (after full approval from the DfT) the contractor has to undertake the detailed design for the scheme. There is therefore lead in time before construction works commence. The programmed completion date is still December 2015.

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