Gunnislake Newbridge opening to pedestrians to allow bus service to operate

Gunnislake BridgeGunnislake Bridge

Posted on: 5 February 2014

Commuters trying to cross the Tamar River between Devon and Cornwall at Gunnislake will be able to cross the Gunnislake Newbridge on foot to continue their bus journey.

The Gunnislake Newbridge was closed when a van crashed through the bridge parapet at the weekend.

Cornwall Council, local bus company DAC and Devon County Council have worked together to arrange a pedestrian crossing from Thursday (6 Feb) to allow the 79 bus service to continue to operate either side of the bridge.

Plans for repairing the bridge are underway and will be carried out by Devon Highways, who have responsibility for this bridge under an agreement with Cornwall Council relating to all the bridges on the Tamar.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highway Management, said: “The bridge had to be closed on safety grounds and to enable us to carry out repairs. To minimise disruption as much as possible, a guarded access route across the bridge is being maintained for pedestrians and cyclists which will enable people to access the 79 service. Work on the repairs will start as soon as the access platform is in place. The bridge is likely to be closed to traffic for at least two weeks, and we’re asking road users and local residents to bear with us.”

Cornwall Councillor Andrew Long, who represents Callington, has been working to get access as soon as possible. Andrew said: “Although work is underway to repair the bridge, which is the responsibility of Devon County Council, it was important to get access for pedestrians and cyclists re-instated as soon as possible and, after working with DAC and Devon, we have now got confirmation that pedestrians and cyclists will be able to use the bridge from Thursday morning.  This will allow the bus company to re-start the 79 services between Callington and Tavistock with buses stopping either side of the bridge and passengers walking across”

Councillor Long’s views were echoed by Nick Smith of Gunnislake based DAC Coaches, who operate the cross-border service. Nick Smith said: “Bridges at Horsebridge and Greystone have been severely congested since the accident and our service has been particularly badly hit.  Hopefully from Thursday, people will be able to travel on this important commuter route by bus with minimal delay which will certainly remove some of the pressure on the other diversion routes.”

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  1. Common sense prevails. How wonderful that someone has the sense to open this route up a little. What about some parking facility in Gunnislake that non bus route customers could use for part of their journey?

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