Successful service keeps people out of long term care

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Posted on: 2 February 2012

A pioneering service, providing care for people in their own home, is likely to see additional investment from Devon County Council this year.

The Council’s Reablement service, launched twelve months ago, is already showing remarkable results.

The free service provides help at home to people with care needs; when their health deteriorates following a fall for example, or after discharge from hospital.

Its aim is to help people regain their independence to the extent that they do not need any further care, and since its launch, seventy five percent of people have done just that.

The Council is now proposing to invest an additional £900,000 to expand the service this year.

Councillor Stuart Barker, the Council’s Cabinet Member responsible for adult social care said:

“Three out of every four people helped by this service are regaining their independence to the extent that they do not need any further care from us.  Only one in four are needing longer term care arranging once the Reablement service ends.

“Getting people back on their feet and able to manage for themselves is great for people’s recovery.   Experience shows that once people start receiving long term care, it’s difficult for them to get back to a point where they no longer need that care.

“The free service is available to anyone with care needs, and is time limited for up to six weeks in which time we aim to get people as independent as possible.

“As Devon copes with the growing number of older people needing support, then we want to keep people out of long term care for as long as possible.”

The Council’s Cabinet will be considering the budget for 2012/13 when it meets on Wednesday 8 February.

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