£30m of transport infrastructure approved

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Posted on: 10 April 2019

More than £30 million of major transport infrastructure has been approved by Devon County Council’s Cabinet today (Wednesday 10 April).

The programme of transport schemes aims to deliver infrastructure priorities across the county and continues support for sustainable travel to encourage growth in walking, cycling and public transport.

Councillor John Hart sat at his desk

Councillor John Hart

Devon County Council Leader John Hart said: “This is a good news story for Devon as this programme will support economic growth, encourage sustainable transport and help achieve the objectives of the Air Quality Management Plans developed in partnership with District Councils. The County is good at working with partners and securing external funding, and a number of schemes in this year’s programme are either ready for construction or are in the stages of advanced design.”

Among the major schemes which will be getting underway this year is the construction of Main Street at Sherford, in order to link the new development to the A38 Deep Lane junction, which was upgraded in 2017.

Construction is due to start in the autumn on improvements to Moor Lane roundabout in Exeter and a Park and Change site at the Exeter Science Park.

Preparatory work will continue on the Full Business Case for improvements to the North Devon Link Road, after the Outline Business Case was approved last summer.

Walking and cycling routes are also being improved. The Newton Abbot east-west cycle route is currently being built which will link new developments to the town centre. This will connect to the cycle route which will be constructed alongside the A383-A382 Houghton Barton link road.

Work will continue on the E4 strategic cycle route in Exeter, with the construction of the Summer Lane bridge expected to be carried out this financial year.

Designs are being drawn up for a planning application for a pedestrian and cycle bridge at Seven Brethren in Barnstaple which will support the development of an east-west cycle routes across the town.

Pedestrian crossing improvements will be provided on the A386 Plymouth Road in Tavistock, A379 at Yealmpton, A379 Rydon Lane, Landkey Road in Barnstaple, as well as the creation of a cycle crossing on the A376 Exeter Road in Exmouth.

Work will also continue to complete the Wray Valley Multi Use Trail between Moretonhampstead and Bovey Tracey this summer.

Detailed design work and advanced preparation work for a new railway station at Marsh Barton in Exeter will be progressed.

The County Council will also look to purchase land to deliver safety improvements to the A3121 near Ermington, using £1.9 million of Safer Roads funding from the Department for Transport.

The programme of improvements in Devon uses a range of grant funding including the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership Growth Deal, Housing Infrastructure Fund, National Productivity Investment Fund, Growth and Housing, Safer Roads Fund, Large Local Majors Fund and Major Road Network.

21 comments on “£30m of transport infrastructure approved

  1. Marc Coton says:

    Well done to everyone on the council for getting this in place. It’s great to see that transport remains a high priority.
    Having moved from Okehampton to Exeter, and now sitting on a frequently serviced bus route, it is now possible for my family to consider giving up our car. Unless more rural locations feel confident in their transport provision too, there is little chance that others will do the same. Commercial transport companies need bolstering with strategic community service transport provision, to ensure everyone is connected. We can’t just leave this to market forces alone.

  2. Robin Springett says:

    I am not impressed; this seems like yesterdays proposals today. Do we really need new roads, what about improvements to rural bus services and rail improvement. As usual, the South Hams and North Devon don’t get much out of this; Exeter and its surrounds seem to benefit. Not being entirely negative, I welcome the long-promised Multi-use route between Bovey and Mortenhampstead for this summer, but when will it open? Cycle route across Barnstaple, good, as are cycle routes around Newton Abbot, but again, nothing sustainable in the South Hams?

    • Alicia Coumbe says:

      I totally agree with you Robin. I live in the South Hams but on the fringes and am near Plymouth. Our main road in to where I live is very narrow and in places needs repair but every time I report it nothing gets done apart from filling in the odd pothole. I hear about schemes in lots of places but nothing where I live. I am a cyclist and would love to have decent cycle tracks and then for cars not to be able to park on them.

  3. Victoria says:

    A footpath and cycle route from Upton Pyne village down to the A377 would limit the potential of fatalities / serious injuries on this stretch of road. Currently pedestrians (including lots of young people who can’t drive) and cyclists use this 60 mph limit 1 mile stretch of road alongside unmonitored speeding cars/lorries/tractors.
    There are 2 buses in total out from the village EACH WEEK (!) so those without access to a car are pretty stuck unless they walk or cycle.

  4. Ian Diffey says:

    The council is looking trying to discourage parking in Exeter by the use of park and ride buses..Have you ever considered how much of this trafic is travelling fom housing on the perifery to work on the other side or further away or is just passing through because there is not a bypas from one side of Exeter to the other. This being especially so with all the new housebuilding around the edges, but not actually in Exeter. Increased park and ride facilities will not solve any of these problems.

  5. Chris says:

    Glad to see that “…Detailed design work and advanced preparation work for a new railway station at Marsh Barton in Exeter will be progressed…” but has this not been going on for years now? Are we any closer to an estimated date of construction and eventually services?

    • Hi Chris. The design work for the station includes some revisions to the previous scheme in order to help address the funding gap. This will need further approvals from Network Rail during 2019/20. There are currently no timescales for its construction; however, we expect to announce firmer details later in the year. Thanks.

  6. K Northover says:

    The A3052 through Newton Poppleford to getting worse and worse. When will you improve that.

  7. Nigel Duncum says:

    Let’s all hope that some of this money is going to be spent on maintaining the roads in need of repair , particularly the many potholes which are patched up , only to need doing again shortly after due to the repair quality.

  8. Alan Thompson says:

    I am surprised not to see Okehampton Railway line reinstatement mentioned together with a commitment to start work on the Parkway Station during the coming year. This will be vital if a success is to be made of the new service.

  9. David Rice says:

    Where is the development funding for the Teign Estuary Trail both from Exeter and towards Newton Abbot to and from Teignmouth

  10. Andrew says:

    What about the traffic congestion in Okehampton? and the distant promises of rail services and a new station?

  11. Robert McNamara says:

    I thought DCC has an empty piggy bank so had to raise council tax and alter some of our bandings so that they can squeeze even more money out of us for which the majority of us get very little……………….? Shop keepers that are paying more council tax than their takings………………?
    And I’m still stunned that the infrastructure links to Sherford didn’t happen before building actually started – for years now it has been a regular feature to find a huge wagon trying to negotiate the lanes because no one told ‘him’ that the proper roads into Sherford are not that easy to find if you don’t know the area.

  12. Mrs A Syms says:

    It’s all very well having all these high ideals for cycle lanes etc, bridges, over bridges for pedestrians, road improvements et al but why doesn’t the Council support local people who want their H bus as it was before you allowed Stagecoach to ruin what was a reliable service in the Westgarth estate.

    The Council is also looking into pollution by traffic in Exeter but with only an hourly service via a Crediton No 5 service many more people who have cars are doing even more journeys from this area and thus adding to already congested roads. We need better public bus services in order to encourage fewer cars on our roads.

    I trust that you will take note of my imput – I have kept my comments brief but have more ideas too numerous to mention.

    • Thanks for your comments. Yes, your input is noted, and will be passed to our transportation team.

    • Hi again. Quick response just back from our transport team. They say: The decision to curtail Service H at St. David’s Station was not a County Council decision. Most bus services run as commercial ventures with no public subsidy or obligation. The change to the H rested on Stagecoach’s assessment specifically of the commercial viability of services in the area and they have stated that the service reduction has achieved their objective of restoring the H to viability. Their assessment was that passengers from Cowley Bridge Road – overwhelmingly the biggest proportion of former H users – would generally transferred to other buses, whilst Service 5 would cater for the level of demand from the West Garth Road area throughout weekdays and weekends.

      Stagecoach have subsequently proposed to run all of Service 5 via West Garth Road, thereby increasing the frequency to every twenty minutes. They have yet to confirm this.

      Stagecoach have recently launched a public consultation on various suggestions, accessible via this link: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/promos-and-offers/south-west/route-consultation

      Hope that helps.

  13. Michael Pollard says:

    Currently it is a night mare to get into Exeter from Broadclyst. The 2 new housing developments at Pinhoe have traffic lights with a bias against the main road making what used to be a slow but acceptable journey now about 50% longer in time and very frustrating. This applies mainly at rush hour times.

  14. Nigel Syms says:

    We would be more impressed if you were spending some of that money on improvements to the bus service in the West Garth/Wrefords Lane area.

  15. Stuart Watts says:

    All very good but what about our appalling rural bus services?

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