Access improvements proposed for Alma Bridge replacement scheme

Alma BridgeAlma Bridge

Posted on: 2 November 2017

Updated plans for a footbridge to replace Alma Bridge in Sidmouth will be presented to local town councillors on Monday (6 November).

Devon County Council had put forward proposals for a structure over the River Sid which included short flights of steps at either end of the bridge. This gained the support of Sidmouth Town Council earlier this year.

The County Council has been assessing the suitability of an alternative diversion route for those who would not be able to use the bridge, while also continuing to look at options to enable access to the bridge by parents with prams and people with mobility difficulties.

It is now proposing short sections of steep ramps instead of a combination of steps and ramps that had previously been agreed. The steepest ramp sections would be at a gradient which matches that of Hanger path – although this would be a departure from usual standards.

The County Council has consulted with and received the support of Devon Countryside Access Forum, East Devon Ramblers, Devon Public Rights of Way team, South West Coast Path team and Devon Safety Audit for the updated design.

Councillor Stuart Hughes

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member with responsibility for bridges and local County Councillor for Sidmouth, said: “Making the bridge available to all users is good news for everyone. With the previous design we had been looking at improvements that could be made to the alternative route, for those who couldn’t access the proposed new footbridge. At the same time we’ve been continuing to see how we could adapt the access to the planned structure. We hope these modifications are also supported by the Town Council to make it a bridge for all.”

The footprint of the scheme, which would be around 40 metres upstream of the existing Alma Bridge, remains the same and does not take up any more land or impact on the Ham.

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