Application to be submitted for new Park and Ride site

Round Field Park and RideRound Field Park and Ride

Posted on: 4 February 2016

An application for a new Park and Ride site serving Exeter is due to be submitted next week (w/c 8 February).

The proposed 556-space “Round Field” Park and Ride facility, next to the A30 slip road on the south west outskirts of the city, will go before the County Council’s Development Management Committee later in the year – with April being the earliest it would be considered.

The scheme will provide increased choices for people travelling into Exeter city centre from the south and west of the city, and is expected to reduce pressure on the Alphington Road corridor and limited city centre car parking.

A new roundabout will serve the site and a further roundabout will replace the existing junction serving Ide village. There will be a bus priority lane through to the Alphington Sainsbury’s junction, with a frequent bus service of around every 12 minutes.

The road serving the Park and Ride and Ide village will have a new lower speed limit and with the new roundabout junctions will help address speeding and road safety concerns, which were raised by the local community.

The proposals include the option for people to park and cycle, with improved routes linking into Exeter’s cycle network. It will also be well located for people wishing to explore the Green Circle walking route on the western edge of the city.

Councillor Andrew Leadbetter, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Economy and Growth, said: “We have had to take time with this site to ensure we get it right. This is a good example where we have paused, carried out further consultation and listened to the community in order to address concerns about the environmental impacts of the previous Oaklands site Park and Ride proposals.

“With significant growth planned on the edge of Exeter and in towns within the travel to work areas, the Round Field Park and Ride is designed to increase travel options and provide additional capacity on the Alphington Road corridor. The new site protects the Alphin Brook Conservation Area and Valley Park but still delivers an important part of the transport strategy for the city, while also benefitting the community.”

Councillor Alan Connett, local County Councillor for Exminster and Kenton, said: “The county council has worked hard to achieve a scheme which will help commuters get into the city by providing a new Park and Ride facility at the Alphington interchange. The council has also consulted local residents and Ide Parish Council, listened to what has been said and gone a very long way to include road and other improvements requested by the village. With the new housing planned around the edge of Marsh Barton, and the increase in traffic, this new facility will be a key part of traffic management for the city and surrounding areas.”

The site is already well screened but additional planting and landscaping is proposed around the boundary.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Why are all DCC park and rides only single story car parks. Theya re always full to bursting and always have people double parked/blocked in. Surely if you really wanted to reduce traffic issues within the city you could build at least double height car parks, which would enable more people to use the facility and require less subsidisation of the supporting bus services.

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