Average Devon resident produces 478kg of waste a year

Posted on: 21 October 2015

Devon produces the second highest amount of waste of any county in the country, and the public is being urged to cut down how much they throw away.

The county’s recycling and composting rate is in the top five in the UK at 55 per cent.

However in 2013/2014 each Devon resident produced an average of 478kg of waste, called ‘waste arisings’.

Devon County Council is continually running campaigns like Love Food Hate Waste, encouraging people to throw less away.

To help reduce waste the public can ‘upcycle’ and reuse furniture, home compost, cut food waste through portion control, using left overs, planning meals and using freezers.

Other ways to reduce waste include using reusable nappies where possible, and signing up to the Mailing Preference Service, to reduce junk mail.

Councillor Roger Croad Cabinet Member for Community and Environmental Services said: “The good news is that Devon is one of the top recycling counties in the UK.

“But we still seem to be producing a lot of waste and this costs the region £3.25million more in collection and disposal costs every year than the average county.

“Some reasons for this extra waste are out of our control. For instance, smaller households produce more waste per capita and we are below the national average for that.
“The size of bins, frequency of rubbish collections, and garden waste can also influence the amount of waste produced.

“But there are things that everybody in the county can do to contribute to reducing the amount they throw away and we will be working closely with our district council partners to help achieve this.

“I would urge people to look at the website http://www.recycledevon.org/ to see how they can cut the amount of waste their household produces.”

1 comment on “Average Devon resident produces 478kg of waste a year

  1. Ali says:

    Having moved from London where recycling is easy, you are provided with as many green boxes as you require, cardboard is recycled and free-cycle is huge, I have found it surprisingly much more difficult to ‘be green’ in Devon.
    First of all you are only allowed one recycling bin!! Once this is full, what is one meant to do with the extra recyclables? I used to separate my glass from paper, plastic and foil, here it all gets lumped in together (surely costing a fortune to sort?).
    Secondly I had my one bin stolen from outside my door and then was asked to pay for another (how many people just wouldn’t bother?).
    Thirdly cardboard is not recycled here?! Why not????
    Fourthly why oh why do you sell things at the tip by weight? If I see a lovely piece of furniture that I could rescue from landfill, you want to charge me a premium because it is heavy?! Yet this price bears no resemblance to the cost of a similar item from a charity shop or car boot sale for example.
    I was very surprised and disappointed at the differences between Devon and London, I would really like to recycle as much as possible but feel unable to do this because of the limited resources/services offered.

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