Bid submitted for Teign Estuary Trail section from Dawlish

Dawlish cycle trail

Posted on: 8 December 2016

A bid has been submitted to the Government for Coastal Communities Funding for the Dawlish to Teignmouth section of the Teign Estuary Trail.

Following a public consultation earlier this year, Devon County Council has developed a preferred option for the scheme which Dawlish Town Council and Teignbridge District Council are being asked to consider.

Just over 150 responses were received during the consultation. Of those who responded, 71% either supported or strongly supported improving pedestrian and cycling facilities through Dawlish.

The County Council consulted on four route options. The most popular was Option 1, which was an off-road route through the south side of The Lawn. This was supported or strongly supported by 53% of respondents. Option 4, an on-road route using the High Street and The Strand was the least favoured, with 64% either opposed or strongly opposed.

Among the issues raised during the consultation was the use of the Lawn area. However, there is no legislation in place to prohibit cyclists using the footpaths on the Lawn. Others expressed concerns about the safety of vulnerable users if forced to use the busier on-road routes.

The route being recommended by Devon County Council is a shared use on-road facility, heading westbound along Brunswick Place and then eastbound along The Strand. A footpath near to the toilets and Information Bureau could be widened to avoid any bottlenecks, and no car parking spaces would be lost.

The route will link into the Exe Estuary Trail which is currently being extended from Exeter Road, into the town centre and rail station using Coastal Communities Funding as part of the Destination Dawlish project. This section, which ends at Tuck’s Plot, is due to be completed next year.

Councillor Stuart Hughes

Cllr Stuart Hughes

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member with responsibility for cycling, said: “The consultation has shown there is a high level of support in Dawlish for improving cycling and walking links through the town. We want to develop a user friendly route through Dawlish which is suitable for everyone to use recreationally as well as catering for commuting cyclists and users of mobility scooters. Cycling provides tremendous health benefits and as we’ve seen with the Exe Estuary Trail, these sorts of links can also boost tourism and help business growth. The result of our funding bid is expected next month and if successful, work could start in 2018.”

Cllr John Clatworthy

Cllr John Clatworthy

Councillor John Clatworthy, County Councillor for Dawlish, said: “We’re discussing the scheme with Dawlish Town Council and Teignbridge District Council before it is progressed any further. Extending this trail will be a great asset to the town and as well as providing a recreational route it will make it easier for Dawlish College students to travel across town by bike, reducing local congestion in peak hours.”

Devon County Council’s strategic vision is to link the recently completed Exe Estuary Trail, to Dawlish and Teignmouth and onto Bishopsteignton, Kingsteignton and Newton Abbot.

Design work and a series of ecological surveys for sections along John Nash Drive and the A379 are underway and land negotiations are progressing for the stretch near Eastcliff Park.

4 comments on “Bid submitted for Teign Estuary Trail section from Dawlish

  1. Colin homewood says:

    Perhaps we should not be spending all this money and counclers time on cycle ways when our local roads are in a discracefull state and our national health is at breaking point.perhaps bikers might be asked to contribute to the costs that will be incurred for these projects such as the one in the illustration which I believe is in Dawlish and must of cost many thousand of pounds. We should stop and spend what little money is available on the more important problems we have!

  2. Judith says:

    In response to Jacque I would say, yes it was worth it as it is much safer than cycling on the main road in and out of Dawlish. However, it isn’t finished yet as it ends in a flight of steps and there needs to be better access to it from the town centre. So that may explain why it is not as well used as it could be. I look forward to a safe cycling route linking Dawlish and Teignmouth and linking Teignmouth and Kingsteignton.

  3. David Force says:

    The cycle path must be separate from the roads and using the Lawn is ideal. It will benefit the town centre businesses as long as there are sufficient bike parking spaces in strategic places. We mustn’t lose any car parking spaces. The school must be given a good bike shed to encourage students to cycle to school.

  4. jacque says:

    i have not seen many bikers using the new path was it worth spending all that money on this thats my question ?

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