Blundell’s Road scheme on schedule

Blundell's Road, TivertonBlundell’s Road, Tiverton

Posted on: 31 August 2016

Road safety and traffic calming improvement works on Blundell’s Road in Tiverton are progressing on schedule.

Following public consultation last year, Devon County Council agreed the £1.1 million scheme designed to reduce speeds on the road, and make it easier for pedestrians to cross the road.

The first phase of the scheme is well underway, and in order to minimise disruption work will be finished outside the school before pupils return for the new academic year next week. However, the footpaths outside the school will be temporarily laid with tarmac due to a delay in the delivery of the natural stone paving.

Cllr Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highway Management, explains:

“The stone we ordered for the pavements has been delayed, which is very unfortunate and has meant that our programme for completion has had to be adjusted.

“We have worked hard to find good quality materials that will genuinely enhance the local area, so we have decided to lay a temporary surface and finish the works at a later date so we don’t disrupt the school.

“We were offered an alternative product instead but felt that this would be a compromise we were unwilling to make.”

Work in the Blundell’s Avenue and Tidcombe Lane junction areas will continue in September with temporary road closures and traffic controls when required.

The tarmacked footpaths will be re-laid with paving stone around one of the school holidays to avoid causing too much disruption to the school.

Any costs incurred due to the delay in supplying the paving will be met by the hard landscaping supplier.

14 comments on “Blundell’s Road scheme on schedule

  1. Nigel Ginn says:

    Thanks for responding but you haven’t answered the question. It is all very well saying it is a condition of the planning permission but the question was WHY did you decide to narrow the road now when there isn’t an alternative route? Presumably Devon County Council Highways Department coordinated with Mid Devon District Council before the planning permission was granted so did nobody consider that narrowing Blundells Road and reducing the speed limit now before the junction onto the A361 is built would make things difficult for everyone living in the area East of Tiverton?

  2. Nigel Ginn says:

    I asked for a response almost three weeks ago. Any chance someone at Devon County Council could demean themselves for a short while to talk to the public and reply?

    • Hi Nigel. Sorry, I thought that question had been answered previously with Bruce’s response. It’s a requirement of the planning permission for the new development that traffic calming is done before the later construction of the new junction. The new junction is needed for the new development, east of the town. Thanks.

  3. Nigel Ginn says:

    It would be nice if “the team”, whoever they are, could reply to the question posed by “Bruce” here. If they cannot be bothered to respond then I guess there is no point in having this forum?

    I believe one of the main points he was trying to make was that this will make travelling into Tiverton more difficult from villages on the Eastern side of the town. Perhaps this will be alleviated when (if) the new A361 junction has been built but it seems like a backward step to narrow the road and cause congestion now whilst it is the only route into town. I and many others would like to know why the decision was made to narrow Blundells Road first and why this wasn’t done at the same time or after the new A361 junction. Thank you.

  4. Shaun says:

    Can you confirm who has paid for these not needed works please? The work that has been done seems to be of higher grade than any other roadworks I have seen in the county. I hope you do not come back with tax payers money.

    • Hi. No, it’s not tax payers’ money. It’s being paid for by the developer of the new development on the east side of the town. It’s a requirement by Mid Devon District Council that the developer, as part of their development, pays for the traffic calming.

  5. Goff Welchman says:

    Your replies to Ian Bruce are the biggest nonsense I’ve seen in a long while! It is totally illogical, and irresponsible, to put in traffic calming measures before the new Link Road junction is built. Also, after the recent planning decisions, there is no some doubt, regarding whether it will be built at all in the foreseeable future. As Ian says, some speed limit signs and a camera are all that are necessary, and these can be inexpensively removed at a future time, if proven to be unnecessary. Also, the raised tables now in place, bringing the road up to the same level as the pavement, are utterly ridiculous, and increase danger to pedestrians, rather than decreasing it. If you can’t accept these facts, then I suggest you’re in the wrong job!
    Goff Welchman

  6. Bruce says:

    Once again I write, my last comment has “dissapeared” from your screen without a response.
    My concerns are simple. Why is the Blundell’s road traffic calming being carried out at this time? As the new Junction onto the North Devon link road has not even been started yet and in your own words, (written in a number of places in the public domain) “the traffic calming measures are to deter motorists from useing Blundell’s road” may I ask the simple question, where are motorists from Sampford Peverell, Halberton, Post Hill and other areas in the region going to go when shopping and or visiting Tiverton? Was it never considered that rather than spending in excess of 1 million pounds on narrowing, and other calming measures to the main route into the town prior to the new junction being completed a few 20 mile signs together with two speed cameras (if deemed necessary) would have had the same effect without the cost and of course inconvienience to local Tivertonians?

    • ….Just with regards to motorists from some areas and how they’ll get into town to shop or visit; that’ll be up to them really. The traffic calming won’t prevent them from using Blundell’s Road to get into town, so that’s still a possible route for motorists from those directions.

  7. Bruce says:

    Why is this traffic calming scheme being carried out at all at this time? You boldly say it is “to deter traffic from useing Blundell’s road”. So in the absense of the new junction onto the link road where is the traffic heading into the town from the Sampford Peverell,Halberton, Post Hill and other areas supposed to go?
    Also to save over a million pounds, would it not have been simpler to install 20 mile an hour signs at either end of the road together, if necessary, two speed cameras?
    I look forward to your response, if you have one!

    • Hi Bruce. Thanks for the comment. The traffic calming work is identified by Mid Devon District Council, in their Local Plan, as being necessary because of the new development on the east side of the town. It’s being paid for by the developers of that development. The reason why it’s required now is because it needs to be done before the later construction of the new junction (that is needed for the new development, east of the town) on the North Devon Link Road.

  8. Jon says:

    The pupils don’t return to school next week – they returned today.

    • Thanks Jon. You’re absolutely right. That’s our mistake, sorry. But the good news is that the work immediately outside the school’s been done for the time being. Work’s on-going along Blundells Road though, and there’ll be some work on the footway too. Thanks again.

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