Braunton flood improvements completed

Braunton flood improvements

Posted on: 30 November 2017

Work has been completed on Braunton’s flood improvement scheme.

The final phase of the £540,000 scheme has seen a pumping station established off the highway, downstream of Caen Bridge.

This will supplement the improved drainage system in Caen Street, which was upgraded earlier this year with the installation of larger drainage pipes and an improved outlet to allow surface water to flow from the middle of the road toward the river.

In times of high river levels, when the drainage system is unable to discharge into the river, the pumping station will operate to alleviate surface water flooding.

Councillor Roger Croad

Councillor Roger Croad, Devon County Council Cabinet Member with responsibility for flooding, said: “This scheme has provided much needed resilience against the risk of flooding in Braunton. The properties in Caen Street, which includes many businesses, now have a much improved standard of protection against flooding. We very much appreciate the co-operation and patience of the local community throughout the delivery of the scheme.”

Councillor Caroline Chugg

Councillor Caroline Chugg

Councillor Caroline Chugg, Devon County Councillor for Braunton Rural, said: “We are really pleased to see completion of the second phase of surface water improvements. The village of Braunton is at risk of flooding from various sources and these works will complement those previously carried out by the Environment Agency, giving further reassurances against the risk of future flooding. I’m delighted the Council took up my suggestion to take the opportunity to upgrade the car park entrance off Caen Street which should help alleviate the impact of queueing vehicles. I will continue to work with the District and County Councils to help address the air quality issues in Braunton.”

The pumping station will be adopted by Braunton Parish Council, who will operate and maintain it in future.

The scheme, which has been funded by Devon County Council, Local Levy and DEFRA’s Flood Defence Grant in Aid, provides a protection standard of up to a 1 in 50 year surface water flood event.

Contractor MacPlant delivered the scheme in two phases to avoid disruption to the village in the busy summer months.

Natural Flood Management measures are also ongoing upstream of the village on the Acland Stream catchment. These works aim to reduce run-off and slow the flow of water heading towards the village.

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