Bridge reopens this afternoon, but Council urges owners to remove their vehicles

photograph of repair work being done on the bridgeRepair work has been underway since the accident on the 2 April

Posted on: 18 April 2019

Devon County Council has confirmed that Newbridge, at Gunnislake, will re-open to traffic this afternoon (Thursday 18 April), around 4pm.

The Grade 1 listed bridge has been closed for emergency repairs since 2 April, after being struck by a vehicle.

Contractors have completed the repairs a week ahead of schedule, including work this morning to remove branches that had become lodged in the river below the bridge.

However, visitors and local residents have been temporarily parking their cars at the sides of the road while the bridge was closed.

And with the bridge due to re-open this afternoon, Devon County Council is urging the vehicle owners to remove them as soon as possible.

Cars parked either side of the road on the approach to the bridge

Cars parked either side of the road on the approach to the bridge

A spokesman for the Council said:

“There’s been up to around 45 cars parked at the side of the road. They’re not blocking the road completely, as we’ve needed to maintain access while we’ve been working on the bridge. But they are parked on corners and in locations where other road users may not expect to see them, and they are an obstruction.

“We’ve checked with the police, and they’re happy for the bridge to be re-opened this afternoon and will be putting up ‘Slow’ signs on the approaches. But we do need the vehicle owners to return to their cars and to remove them as quickly as possible.”

Council contractors put leaflets on the parked cars yesterday asking owners to remove them.

The spokesman added:

“Given that we were uncertain at the start about how long these repairs would take, finishing them and having the bridge re-opened this afternoon, a week ahead of schedule, is a testament to the hard work of our staff and that of our contractors. Thanks to everyone who uses that road for their patience while the repairs have been done.”

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