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Care home outbreaks are a reminder of how infectious this virus is

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Posted on: 12 March 2021

Cases of coronavirus in Devon may still be low in comparison to the rest of the country, but the county is still seeing outbreaks in some settings, including in a small number of care homes, warns Steve Brown.

The Director of Public Health Devon cited two care homes this week in East Devon.

“We are working very closely with those homes to make sure residents and staff are safe, to control the outbreaks, and to reduce the risk of further transmission.

“Coronavirus is still a very infectious virus, and cases like this are a reminder of how important it is for us still to remain vigilant and to take every precaution to prevent its further spread.”

In a message this week Mr Brown also applauded pupils, schools and colleges for the significant number of students using the rapid, lateral flow tests.

“We’ve seen a high rate of pupils returning, and really good uptake by them taking the lateral flow test,” he said.

“With more people taking the test, we are likely to identify positive cases.¬† Therefore we are going to see an increase.

“This is a good thing. We’re picking up people who have no symptoms, who if they weren’t tested could go on to transmit the virus to other people.”

Listen to Steve Brown’s message in full.

Mr Brown again encouraged families of people who have children in school to take up the lateral flow tests.

Details of how to access the tests are available at

Case rates in Devon are continuing to fall, although the rate of decline has slowed over recent weeks.

Positive cases are currently highest in those aged 80 and over, with rates slightly higher in East Devon.

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