Celebrating volunteers this week

collage of examples of people volunteers doing good things in their communities

Posted on: 1 June 2020

This week is national Volunteer Week. 

We’ll be celebrating new Volunteer Champions each day on our social media channels, showing how ordinary people are doing good deeds, kind acts, and generally being lovely people helping other lovely people during the coronavirus pandemic.

We’ll be featuring Honey and Roy. They’ve been out on their bikes delivering shopping and essential items straight to the doors of people in their community.

We’ve got Flo.  She’s been trampolining as part of the lockdown Marathon Challenge alongside other residents in Totnes.  Together they’ve fundraised over £1,300 for Totnes Caring.

We’re celebrating with Keith and Heather.  It’s Honiton Memory Cafes 10th birthday, and despite lockdown, they’ve arranged 88 cream teas to be delivered to homes of friends and volunteers of the cafe.

Nicola’s been delivering hot meals to people in her community, including a beautiful roast dinner on Easter Day.

And Nate.  He’s been raising awareness for The King’s Centre Foodbank, collecting food donations for them to help support those in need in his community.

And there’ll be more.  All round good eggs, each and every one of them.

Cllr Barry ParsonsCouncillor Barry Parsons, our Cabinet Member for organisational development, said:

“Despite everything right now – despite lockdown, despite hardship that many families are feeling, despite bereavement in too many cases – people’s spirit still is shining through.

“This week we want to celebrate volunteers, and every act they perform in the interests of others, whether they know them or not.

“Volunteers tend not to volunteer for the thanks, but here’s Devon County Council celebrating Volunteer Week with a big thank you to every one of you volunteers, everywhere.”

Look out for Honey and Roy, Flo, Keith and Heather, Nicola, Nate and others this week on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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