Climate emergency is top of the agenda

Photo of Dr Phil Norrey, Chief Executive of Devon County Council

Posted on: 12 June 2019

“This is not about gestures, this is about action,” Chief Executive Phil Norrey told members of Devon County Council’s ruling Cabinet this morning, (Wednesday 12 June).

The Council is working with partners including the University of Exeter on a Devon-wide plan to cut carbon emissions to net-zero.

Dr Norrey is Chair of the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group (DCERG), made up of executives and chief officers of around 20 organisations including councils, emergency services and business groups.

He told councillors today that there is a very high concentration of climate scientists in the area and that the council would be using their talents in responding to the climate emergency.

He said:

“Climate change is on the agenda of 450 town and parish councils throughout the region. It is at the top of the agenda of the Heart of the South West partnership of councils, public bodies and business leaders. And the top priority for the region is green growth, with green technology at the heart.”

The University of Exeter is also working with Devon County Council to bring together a ‘citizens’ assembly’, to involve the wider community in carbon cutting plans. Dr Norrey said, “The citizens’ assembly will be way for the wider community to galvanise itself, at both a personal and collective level.”

At the same meeting, Cllr Roger Croad, the Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for the environment, confirmed to colleagues that the £250,000 that the County Council has already set aside to encourage organisations, communities and individuals to do more to reduce global warming, is being matched by the University of Exeter with £130,000, and an application for a further £70,000 in grants.

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