Commission recommend new electoral division boundaries

Posted on: 26 January 2016

The Boundary Commission has recommended a proposal for Devon to be represented in future by 60 Devon County Councillors, two fewer than the current arrangements.

The proposals would see the following arrangements:

East Devon – no change. 11 County Councillors
Exeter – no change. 9 County Councillors
Mid Devon – no change. 6 County Councillors
North Devon – no change. 8 County Councillors
South Hams –  8 County Councillors currently will reduce to 7 County Councillors in future
Teignbridge – 11 County Councillors currently will reduce to 10 County Councillors in future
Torridge – no change. 5 County Councillors
West Devon – no change. 4 County Councillors

The number of electoral divisions will be reduced from 60 to 58, with the divisions of Exmouth and Broadclyst each being represented by two elected members and the remaining 56 divisions being represented by one member.

Detailed information about the Boundary Commission proposals for Devon County Council are available on the Commission’s website.

A spokesman for the Council says:

“We note the commission’s recommendations for new electoral arrangements. Once the order has been made through Parliament, the recommendations will be implemented in time for local elections in 2017.”

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