Community welcomes new zebra crossing

Yealmpton crossing - Fore Street Yealmpton crossing – Fore Street

Posted on: 23 September 2019

The local community in Yealmpton has praised the recently installed zebra crossing in Fore Street.

To celebrate the new crossing, pupils and staff from Yealmpton Primary School were joined by local councillors to re-create the cover of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album, which marks its 50th anniversary this month.

Pupils at the school are among those to have benefited from the crossing on the A379, providing them with an important link across the main road and a safer route to school.

The Devon County Council scheme, which has also widened the pavement on the north side of the road, has been developed following representations from the school and Yealmpton Parish Council.

Headteacher Louise Young said: “The safeguarding of our children is of paramount importance so we are delighted to have the new zebra crossing. This will enable children who live across the A379 to walk safely to school. We hope this will encourage families to leave their cars at home and have a positive impact on the children’s health and the environment.”

Councillor Stuart Hughes

Councillor Stuart Hughes

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Highway Management, said: “The community was keen to have this zebra crossing and I’m pleased it’s making a difference to people in Yealmpton. It certainly makes it easier for people to walk around the village and hopefully it will encourage people to make short journeys on foot and leave the car at home.”

Photo of Councillor Richard Hosking

Councillor Richard Hosking

Councillor Richard Hosking, local County Councillor for South Brent and Yealmpton, said: “This picture celebrates the opening of the new crossing at Underhay, Yealmpton, and commemorates the issue of the Abbey Road album. The idea for Yealmpton’s second crossing was raised at the time of planning consent for a significant new residential development to the north of the A379. A revised Yealmpton Primary School transport plan to minimise car visits to Stray Park at school drop off and pick up times was persuasive. I am pleased to have supported this project and very much hope that it will enable future generations of Yealmpton school children and residents to safely cross their ‘Abbey Road’.”

Councillor Dan Thomas, Chairman of Yealmpton Parish Council and South Hams District Councillor, said: “As a Parish Council, we are thrilled that County listened to the people of Yealmpton and understood the importance of providing a safe place for residents and particularly children from the new housing development to cross the A379. This is a fabulous example of local government bodies working together to look after the community and we’re grateful to Councillor Hosking for his support on this project.”

The scheme was approved by the South Hams HATOC last November and was delivered on time.

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