Consultation on next phase of Newton Abbot cycle path

Posted on: 5 October 2018

A consultation is to be held into proposals for the next phase of a pedestrian and cycle path being developed in Newton Abbot.

As part of the shared path scheme, Devon County Council is looking at the next stage of improvements, with a consultation being held from today (Friday 5 October) until Friday 2 November.

It’s proposed that the existing footway on Exeter Road, between Churchill’s Roundabout and Church Path/Whitehill House Drive, will be widened to 3.5 metres in order to provide space for pedestrians and cyclists to use the path safely together. Exeter Road will also be widened to six metres to provide additional carriageway width and improve safety.

There are currently two options being considered to widen the footway, one widening to the west of the existing road, and one to the east of the existing road.

Work has been completed on sections of Ashburton Road from Greenaway Road to Exeter Road, and Oak Park Road to Greenaway Road.

The section from Mile End Road to Oak Park Road, is currently under construction and is due to open in 2019.

When the overall scheme is complete, it will create a safe, convenient and direct route for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly for children travelling to local schools.

Councillor Stuart Hughes

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member with responsibility for cycling, said: “This infrastructure is vital in order to provide sustainable options to walk or cycle in Newton Abbot and we’re keen to hear people’s feedback during this consultation in order to help inform the next phase of the project. The scheme will enable more residents to walk and cycle short distances in the town and hopefully leave their cars at home in order to help tackle traffic congestion, reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality.”

Councillor Jackie Hook

Councillor Jackie Hook, County Councillor for Newton Abbot North, said: “This stretch has been a notorious bottleneck on a busy road. This route will be the main pedestrian and cyclist exit for the new houses being built at Whitehill, and I have therefore been campaigning for some time for the widening of the pavement here. It’s great news that these proposals have come forward in such a timely way, but it is crucially important that we consult with those living nearby who will be affected by the widening of the road. We must listen to their concerns.”

Following the consultation, the design for the next phase will be finalised towards the end of the year.

Subject to approval from the County Council’s Cabinet, construction for this next phase is likely to start in 2020 and the full scheme is expected to be completed by 2021. Pedestrian and cycle facilities to the west of Mile End Road will also be incorporated into new housing developments.

More information and plans of the two proposed options are available at https://www.devon.gov.uk/haveyoursay or devon.cc/ntaewsup

Alternatively, comments can be emailed to Traveldevon@devon.gov.uk.

3 comments on “Consultation on next phase of Newton Abbot cycle path

  1. Roger Grainger says:

    Well all and any new and safer cycling routes are to be welcomed as one way of encouraging people to travel other than in their car. However, whist routes are intended to help people travel from a to b, what are the planned improvements for better quality secure parkin* and other cycling facilities at nodal points and rown centre destinations please? In Newton Abbot town centre, for example, there are few places to secure one’s valuable bike whilst shopping or dining etc. Will there be options for covered and better secure cycle parking in the town centre.? We need to encourage greater use of town centres, but without betterquality cycle parking many like me will be deterred from cycling into town without better cycle parking. Thank you

    • Hi Roger – really really sorry for not spotting your comment….but there is some info for you. The last town wide review of cycle parking facilities was completed in 2013 where 12 stands were installed across 4 locations around the town. There are currently no plans during FY18/19 to review Newton Abbot as part of the Countywide Cycle Parking project but should funding be available next year then Newton Abbot could be put forward for review. It is worthwhile mentioning that these stats do not include any cycle parking facilities that have been installed directly by the district or town council nor any that have been included as part of developments or route improvements. Also, if people have suggestions of cycle parking locations, then the most useful route to pass these through to the Council would be via their local County Councillor. Thanks for asking.

  2. Peter Hayward says:

    Hello. Whichever scheme proves best for the segregation of cyclists from vehicles is welcomed. Please however include a programme for maintaining it. The clay pots cycle path would be a great cycle way if it were maintained. Hopefully lesson learnt.

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