Council focusing road resources on communities that most need it

Gritting lorry

Posted on: 4 March 2018

Traffic movement on the county’s road network is getting back to normal today, but some areas on higher ground, especially on Exmoor, are still experiencing difficulties.

Devon County Council is focusing its resources on those areas that most need it, particularly communities North East of the North Devon Link Road and some parts of Dartmoor and in the South Hams.

Overall, the county is seeing an improving picture.  Gritters were out again last night, and warmer weather and rain is thawing the remaining snow and ice effectively.

Road temperatures are above freezing and the likelihood of further snow is said to be unlikely.  The forecast today is for rain and showers.

Most of the county’s main roads, the primary routes that take the vast majority of traffic, are now open and passable.  Many secondary routes are also accessible.

Drivers are advised still to drive with care and with consideration to the road conditions and to other road users.

As snow and ice melts, and with rain forecast, localised flooding is also a consideration.

The public are asked to report blocked drains, flooding and other problems online http://soc.devon.cc/1aFex

For updates on the roads, follow @DevonAlert and listen to your local radio news station.

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