Council issues parking crackdown warning

Slapton junction to Torcross clear up

Posted on: 18 May 2018

Motorists are being warned that they will face parking fines from next week (Monday 21 May) if they park on the A379 between Torcross and the Slapton junction.

Safety is being affected by obstructive parking, which has become an issue on this section of road since the stretch between Slapton and Strete Gate washed away during Storm Emma at the beginning of March.

New parking restrictions will be introduced from Monday (21 May). The Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) will make it illegal to park and unload on the stretch between Torcross and the Slapton junction.

Councillor Stuart Hughes

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Highway Management, said: “We’re having to introduce this order on this stretch of the A379 because safety is of paramount importance. The road is a 60mph speed limit, and the parked cars are causing obstruction which is creating safety issues.”

Devon County Council’s parking enforcement officers and the police will be able to issue penalty charge notices (PCN) to anyone parking illegally on this stretch of the A379.

Councillor Julian Brazil

Councillor Julian Brazil, Devon County Councillor for Kingsbridge and South Hams District Council’s Ward Member for Stokenham, said: “It’s self-evident that the road closure is causing a great deal of confusion and chaos. However we would urge visitors to use the car parking provided when visiting the Slapton area. The contractors need to make sure that the road is clear so they can safely make their repairs.”

Councillor Richard Foss, South Hams District Council’s Ward Member for Allington and Strete, said: “If you’re visiting the Slapton area, please do not park on the grass verges. This area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) so it’s crucial that drivers park in the designated areas to avoid damaging the wildlife and wild flower habitat.”

2 comments on “Council issues parking crackdown warning

  1. S Macgrian says:

    Is the parking in the slapton area free of charge? I doubt it but a nice litter earner to swell your bloated coffers.

    • Hi, Devon County Council is only responsible for on-street parking and there are no on-street parking charges in this area. So nothing is being earned from this – it is being introduced for public safety.

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