Council says BBC report is misleading

Posted on: 17 November 2016

Devon County Council says social care figures released today (Thursday 17 November) by BBC Yorkshire are misleading and do not reflect the true picture in the county of Devon.

The BBC has released figures, collated by NHS Digital, that they say point to Devon as an authority that ‘rejects’ around 80 per cent of requests for social care support.

The Council’s Cabinet Member responsible for adult social care, Cllr Stuart Barker, says the figures are wrong.

Cllr Stuart Barker2“What they actually refer to is the percentage of people whose initial phone call or visit to the Council, resulted in them receiving information, advice or signposting to other local voluntary sector services.  That’s totally different to any suggestion that people are having their approaches ‘rejected’,” he said.

Council records show last year that they provided some 25 per cent more residential care and personal care to people in their own homes, than England and South West councils’ averages.

And that of the 12,000 people assessed by the Council as having social care needs last year, 80 per cent of them were eligible for Council-funded support and have gone on to receive it.

The Council says contrary to the BBC’s story, far fewer people in Devon received no service from them last year, than is the average in other council areas in England or the South West.

Unlike health care, social care isn’t free, and in assessing people’s eligibility for Council-funded care, local authorities use the Government’s eligibility criteria to determine whether the Council pays, or whether the individual funds their care themselves.

“We go the extra mile in Devon to help people find the best solution for them.  That’s sometimes a formal care package, while for many it’s about making sure that they have good advice and help to find local support that they need,” said Cllr Barker.

2 comments on “Council says BBC report is misleading

  1. mike says:

    what a load of rubbish I went 9 weeks with no care this year 5 weeks with none last year and still do not get the care I should be getting perhaps reduce your fat cat salary and use it towards those that need it.

    • Thanks Mike. Everyone’s entitled to an assessment, so if you feel that you’re not getting the help you need, please contact the Council’s Care Direct team to explain. The misleading thing about the BBC’s figures is that it confuses people who initially contact the council for advice or guidance (and they’re then advised or given information and guidance by the Council), with people who have been assessed as having social care needs but then, following the Government’s financial assessment to determine whether the Council pays or whether the individual pays, they’re deemed able to afford to pay for it themselves. The two are different.

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