Cranbrook and Exeter celebrate multi million funding from Sport England

Jumping for joy! Cranbrook Active Mums celebrate the Sport England announcement

Posted on: 5 December 2017

Cranbrook’s Active Mums turned out today (Tuesday 5 December) to celebrate the town becoming a joint  recipient of a multi million pound award of Sport England funding.

Exeter and Cranbrook is one of only 12 areas in England to be chosen as a pilot for Sport England’s new approach to building healthier, more active communities across the country.

Earlier this year, Cranbrook was chosen as one of 10 ‘Healthy New Towns’ by NHS England, and this status played a key part in the success of the bid.

Latest research shows that a quarter of England’s population (11.5 million people) are inactive, meaning that they do less than 30 minutes of brisk exercise each week. This can contribute to obesity, mental health issues and even lead to early death.

The funding will be very much welcomed by local groups in Cranbrook who have already created a vibrant health and wellbeing network, and will build on initiatives begun by the local community and partnership groups.

Matt Evans, Chief Executive of Active Devon, said: “I am thrilled that the pilot bid has been successful. The bid was made possible by the commitment of collaboration of a wide range of local partners.

“It provides us with a unique opportunity to work together on new ways of tackling the complex challenge of physical inactivity. We look forward to ensuring it is a success that really puts Exeter and Cranbrook on the map as places where being active is a part of people’s everyday lives.”

Devon County Councillor Sara Randall Johnson with three of Cranbrook’s Active Mums

Councillor Sara Randall Johnson, one of two Devon County Councillors for the Cranbrook area, said: “Our growing community includes a lot of children and young families, so we’ll be looking to encourage everyone, but children and their families in particular, to be more active whatever their ability.

“That includes looking at the way the community works to allow people to cycle and walk more. It includes looking at how we can reduce congestion into Exeter by thinking differently about alternatives to the car.  And it’s an opportunity to think really creatively about other initiatives that make being active fun and something that children and families want to do.”

The bid for Sports England funding was lead by Exeter City Council and Active Devon on behalf of a wide range of partners.

Cllr Phil Bialyk, Exeter City Council Lead Councillor for Sport, Health and Wellbeing, and Chair of the Exeter Health and Wellbeing Board, said:  “This is brilliant news and a fabulous early Christmas present for the city and Cranbrook.”

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