Cycle link between Dawlish Warren and town centre gets the go ahead

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Posted on: 9 December 2015

Proposals for a safe cycle link between Dawlish Warren and Dawlish town centre has been approved.

Councillors at Devon County Council’s Cabinet Meeting on Wednesday, December 9, backed a scheme which will extend the Exe Estuary walking and cycling route from Dawlish Warren towards Dawlish Town Centre.

The scheme, which has an estimated cost of £621,485, is one of several which, when combined, will eventually link Dawlish Warren to Dawlish Town Centre.

Once completed it will create a shared use footway/cycle route on the south western side of Exeter Road.

Currently the picturesque 16-mile Exe Estuary Trail stops short of the town centre.

Work on the extension, which will mostly be funded through Coastal Communities Fund, is scheduled to start in January 2016 and could be completed in time for next summer.

The shared use footway/cycle route will be created by widening and converting the existing footway along Exeter Road from where the off road section currently finishes from opposite 47 Exeter Road to opposite Charlton House Flats.

From there, the path will continue through the grounds of Lanherne, on the south side of the wall, until it’s adjacent to the bus stop opposite No13 Exeter Road.

Then the new footway will ‘break’ through the wall and join the existing footway to the entrance of Lanherne.

This scheme will also include a new zebra crossing to the east of the Elm Grove Road junction, to help users accessing the route from properties to the north of Exeter Road including Dawlish Community College and new developments to the north to access the cycle route, could also be part of this scheme.

In the longer term the goal is to extend the route into Teignmouth to link up with Teign Estuary Route to Newton Abbot.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, cabinet member for Highways Management, said: “There are some off-road sections existing between Dawlish and Exeter Road, but there is no safe and attractive cycle link into the town centre itself.
“This means that Dawlish is potentially losing out on the economic benefits created by the Exe Estuary Route.
“This project is part of a collection of schemes which aims to eventually link Dawlish Warren to Piermont Place in the town centre and in the longer term create a single continuous route through to Teignmouth town centre and ultimately link up with the planned Teign Estuary cycle route to Newton Abbott.”

Councillor John Clatworthy, division member for Dawlish, said: “The scheme will provide a more attractive option for people to walk and cycle and access local facilities, as well as travel further to the towns and villages connected with the Exe Estuary Trail.
“In particular, access to the town end of Exeter Road will be achievable on the route without the need to cross the A379.
“The introduction of the scheme will make cycling and walking a more attractive safer option, reducing vehicle usage and associated emissions.”

4 comments on “Cycle link between Dawlish Warren and town centre gets the go ahead

  1. Marjorie Riggs says:

    I agree with Mrs Jennifer Gardner. I can see it will be years before there is a “safe” traffic free cycling route between Teignmouth and Newton Abbot. The whole thing is taking too long and will be of no benefit to me as I will be too old by the time it is done. For now, I will enjoy the route between Exeter and Exmouth, shame Teignmouth to Newton Abbot was not done at the same time.

  2. David Incoll says:

    Great news.
    Cycling keeps us pensioners fit and healthy longer.Thus less demands upon the Adult Care Budget.

  3. Mrs Jennifer Gardner says:

    I am a keen cyclist and regularly enjoy the Exe trail to the Warren. I have relatives living in Teignmouth and would love to get there by a less hilly route. What does “in the longer term” mean? If it’s over 5 years I might not make it as I shall be over 80 and my grandchildren could be cycling to see me instead. Do your best!

  4. David Fuggle says:

    How can you possibly even consider this expenditure on a cycle part when you have recently introduced charges for home care for people on means-tested benefits. I realise savings have to be made under this austery crazy government but surely the health and wellbeing of the vulnerable is top of the list for spending.

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