Deadline extension for 5G “call for evidence”

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Posted on: 4 December 2019

The deadline for Devon County Council’s call for evidence on 5G has been extended until New Year’s Day.

As part of a spotlight review on 5G, which is being carried out by the County Council’s Corporate Infrastructure and Regulatory Services Scrutiny Committee, members of the public are being asked for their views on the technology.

Devon County Council has no current plans to make use of 5G in its ICT and is not involved with planning applications for mobile infrastructure, but it wants to hear from people to help inform the findings of its investigation.

Feedback from members of the public can now be submitted until Wednesday 1 January, either through the online questionnaire or a written representation.

People are invited to comment and share evidence or information that they feel the County Council should consider in examining the technology.

The questionnaire also asks how informed people feel about the technology and if they feel enough awareness has been raised about the use of 5G.

Anyone who fills in the questionnaire will have the opportunity to be invited to take part in a discussion with the scrutiny group at a later date.

If y are not able to access the internet you can write to: Scrutiny Team, County Hall, Exeter, EX2 4QD.

12 comments on “Deadline extension for 5G “call for evidence”

  1. Jenni says:

    I want to know if they are planning on feeding 5G into schools 8 live in Torquay D3von and have two grandchildren I’m very worried about

  2. Peter says:

    Will someone please explain the difference between 4G and 5G which both use the same frequency bands.

    Complaining about LED street lights being too bright is not a fault of the technology!

  3. jean says:

    Proper safety standards must be re-instated. Who gave the backers and installers permission to contaminate our people. What has happened to all the institutions who are responsible for the people’s safety. Where do they all stand on this issue ?
    Stop the roll-out; 5G will affect everyone’s family; that means YOUR family who ever you may be !
    5G contravenes so much, how on earth has it got this far ? Shame on all those that have thus far turned a blind eye.

  4. M Connon says:

    Ignoring the thousands of uncontested peer reviewed studies hides the fact that electromagnetic pollution is an environmental and health catastrophe waiting to happen. Communications industry control of the media discourages sensible debate and prevents public awareness. Proposals to restrict local authority involvement in rollout of this technology will silence the voice of the affected community. Making schools, hospitals etc. available to host masts will expose the most vulnerable where they have no choice but to be there. It is wrong, unfair, undemocratic and driven by profit at the expense of people. Call for a moratorium on 5G rollout until objective independent research has been carried out regarding the safety of this new phased array technology. Current safety standards consider only the heating effect of a short term exposure to a single device – obviously inadequate in these days of 24hr exposure to thousands of sources. Blanket microwave coverage affects many people’s health already and they have no escape. Public Health England do not recognise it as a cause of any symptoms so they cannot even get appropriate help from their doctor. Do the right thing and take an objective look at all the evidence not just industry approved sources.

  5. Glyn Ashton says:

    Impartial research bodies, commissioned by the government, should be providing the evidence for something this huge. Why then are the public being addressed with a ‘call for evidence’? It’s not our responsibility – and this is what we pay our taxes for. That said, there is clearly enough evidence out there to prove that the effects of 5G will be catastrophic. Personally, I think the new LED streetlights (which I believe are integral to the 5G infrastructure) are terrible enough to live with. They’re FAR too bright – they’ve obliterated night time in the town where I live and the experience is akin to living under bright floodlights. As if this isn’t bad enough, the mooted 5G will kill people and animals in their droves. All in the name of money and needless technology.

  6. Julian Hilton says:

    This is very serious indeed. I worked in Telecoms for 20 years and already I suffer the effects of wireless/microwave sensitivity, possibly from over-exposure from radiating basestations, but also from my own cell-phone and wireless router exposure. Like any sensitivity, once you’ve had enough, your body has had enough, and the only respite is from avoidance rather than cure.

    5G requires higher frequencies, and therefore does not travel as far as existing technologies. This will require far more cell towers, or microcells and closer together than ever before. Before long, everyone will have had too much exposure, but not just people, also animals, birds and insects.

    Studies from people such as Dr Martin Pall point to mechanisms of microwave expsosure that can open calcium channels in the cells of all living creatures. This leads to oxidative stress and multiple pathways in which this can cause harm.

    Numerous scientific studies have shown all manner of harm, from increased risk of glioblastoma and acoustic neuroma (rare brain cancers) to reduced fertility, increased risk of diabetes, heart arrythmia, not to mention anxiety, sleeplessness, tinnitus and even depresssion.

    This is all just for our existing wireless exposure. Industry heads admit, that in a rush to market, 5G has not even been tested for harm where humans are concerned, let alone any other living creature. It’s not just a new frequency, but a whole other technology, using beam formation (originally developed for military use). This is not fantasy, everything I have mentioned is verifiable.

    We face a disaster of epic proportions, if the rollout of wireless technology is not rolled back, nevermind rolled forward.

    Some links to check out:


  7. Sarah Smith says:

    I do not want 5G – not worth the risk to health. Circumstantial evidence: I hardly used my smartphone until about four months ago, when I started playing an online game, every day. After about two weeks I noticed tingling in my left hand when playing. It got worse, until after a couple of months, lying in bed at night I could feel the tingling all up my left arm. I hold the phone in my left hand and jab the buttons with my right, so not RSI. I bought some anti-radiation patches (search for ‘Scalar devices’ online) and stuck them on the phone, and the tingling has vanished. (Apparently the have crystals that absorb the radiation.) How will we, and wildlife, be protected from 5g?

  8. chris kenny says:

    From reading the comments that are being made and from my own research it is clear that there is a major concern regarding this. The general apathy of the public and tendency to believe whatever we are told by so called authorities should not be taken into account when evaluating the level of concern among Devon residents. DCC now have a major obligation to carry out it’s own independent research.

  9. H. Brooks says:

    The town of Totnes has already opposed 5G. So have other council’s one of which is in Somerset. It is weapons grade technology there have are many doctors and scientists who oppose it. It is microwave radiation and causes damage on a cellular level. Unlicensed and Uninsured technology.

  10. Joe St Clair says:

    5G technology uses frequencies which are proven to be harmful to all cellular lifeforms (humans, animals, insects, plants and trees) It is particularly harmful to children and people who are electro-sensitive. The so-called ‘safety standards’ are outdated, inaccurate and have not been independently scientifically checked. There has no public consultation about the implications of 5G and the infrastructure is being rolled out without any consideration of the health implications from emf exposure. The adoption of 5G breaks 15 international laws and is therefore a criminal act.

  11. Marcus Blackett says:

    This is dangerous, harmful technology that has no licence, no insurance and is none other than the pet brainchild of an elite shadow government who already control banks, oil companies, pharmaceuticals, GMO’s and much much more. 5G is a military weapon now being turned on us. It is 10 to 100 times more harmful than 2G, 3G or 4G. It affects the cellular level of organisms causing insect extinction, bird disorientation, trees and plants at cellular level and cancer in humans. This is only a fraction of what this technology entails. I suggest anyone who has any influence in getting this technology banned at Town, District, County or Parliamentary level should put their name on a petition outlawing this technology. It is beholden on you, if you are a person who can influence decisions at any of these levels to do quality research immediately.

    • Sheila Robinson says:

      I totally agree the research is available on you tube and not in mainstream media
      Trees are being felled in cities to stop the signal being interfered with it’s a national disgrace.

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