VideoDementia care project grows in popularity

Posted on: 13 November 2017

People with dementia are enjoying a service that’s growing in popularity.

Organisers of the FILO Project, think of it less as a service, and more as friends welcoming other friends into their own home for a few hours during the day.

And that’s the difference. It’s not a traditional day centre. People, who happen to have dementia or some other memory loss, are welcomed as friends into a ‘host’s’ own home, where they spend some hours enjoying whatever they want to do.

They make new friends. The host’s home feels familiar, and the routines are those homely ones that we all have.

The focus is on interaction. Chatting with each other; talking with friends about things past and present, with no pressure, no preconceptions.

And it works. Family members see a difference in the behaviour of their loved-one, as they become less anxious and more comfortable with other people. So it’s a relationship that works for everyone.

Jean’s been attending for a while and she loves it. Jean’s sister, Margaret, loves it too.

Hear it in their own words…

For more information about the FILO Project, visit their website.

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