Devon backs women’s state pension campaign

Posted on: 14 September 2016

Devon County Council’s Cabinet is backing the campaign for State pension equality for women.

The authority is planning to write to Government Ministers detailing its support for the campaign.

Council leader John Hart has also raised the issue with Devon MPs at meetings in Westminster this week.

The decision follows a lobby of the Cabinet by women campaigning against Government changes to the State pension age which they say will particularly penalise those born after 1951.

The campaign does not oppose the policy of men and women retiring at the same age.

But it says the changes have been made too quickly and without proper notice and will cause some women significant financial hardship.

It says those worst affected stand to lose six years’ pension income of up to £42,000.

There was all-party support for the move which was proposed by the Liberal Democrats.

john hartMr Hart told the campaigners:  “We support you.

“The council understands the genuine concerns of people at the impact of the change to State pension arrangements made by this and previous Governments.

“I have already raised these issues, personally, with Devon MPs when I met them earlier this week in support of the campaign.”

5 comments on “Devon backs women’s state pension campaign

  1. Sue Andrews says:

    I am dismayed that even bus passes are unavailable to those of us who are now well over 60, surely this is an area that could be looked into to help those of us who were so badly let down by the government.

  2. Nigel Ginn says:

    I do understand the rules on pension age changes but the fact of the matter is that for decades women were given a state pension years earlier than men got their pension. This was discrimination against men and was made worse by the fact that during this period women lived, on average, several years longer than men. If you want to have a think about discrimination, have a think about that. I won’t reply to any more comments trying to justify why women should be given more money than men while on average they still enjoy a longer retirement because they live longer.

  3. Ann Andrews says:

    Nigel Ginn, the only ‘special treatment’ we 1950s-born women have received is to have our state pension deferred, twice, with insufficient notice, leaving us with an impossible task to plug the savings gap. All our working lives we have endured discrimination, including being paid less than men. So the Government’s idea that we could somehow have managed to save enough to make up for losing £40,000 of pension payments would be laughable if it were not so tragic.

  4. Nigel Ginn says:

    I think no more special treatment should be given and no more extensions to retirement age for women. It’s about time equality worked both ways an retirement ages are brought into line immediately.

    • Lesley Church says:

      You need to explore what the Waspi campaign is about, enlighten yourself and know that men as well as women are affected and countless future generations. Not all of us are born with the ability to earn surplus monies to invest.

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