Devon celebrates Europe Day

Chairman Andrew Moulding with Roberto Franceschini, Chairman of the Devon Branch European Movement

Posted on: 9 May 2017

We celebrated Europe Day today!  The date marks the day, 9th May 1945, which saw the end of the war in Europe.

Devon County Council’s Chairman, Andrew Moulding, raised the European flag at County Hall, Exeter, saying that we mark the day as a return of peace but also as resolve that European countries live in peace in future.

Addressing members of the Devon Branch European Movement, Chairman Andrew Moulding, said:

“Now, following the referendum, we will be moving to a new chapter in our relationship with the European mainland.  It is important as most politicians recognise that while we are leaving the EU, we are not leaving Europe. Not only is that geographically impossible, but the many links and Twinning groups like those we have in Devon will inevitably continue.  So let us look to the future and as we raise this flag remember the original reason for the day which is peace and friendship with our neighbours.”

1 comment on “Devon celebrates Europe Day

  1. David says:

    Keeping ties with Europe as we leave the EU is important, so it’s good to see we are still remembering the end of the war in Europe. It’s still frightening to think that less than 80 years ago, while being a ‘developed and civilised’ generation, there was killing on such a scale. It’s so important that we continue to do whatever we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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