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Devon foster carers feature in TV advert to encourage others to consider fostering for Devon

Posted on: 21 January 2019

The number of children being taken into the care of local authorities has reached a 10-year high.

Government data shows that the number of children in care in England has risen each year from 60,000 in 2008, to 75,420 in March 2018.

The growing national trend is also reflected in Devon.  706 children were in the Council’s care in May 2018.  That rose to 739 children by December 2018.  And the number now stands at 745 children.

Most looked-after children, nearly three in every four, are accommodated with foster families.

Fostering Devon, which is part of Devon County Council, currently has 263 fostering households.  But the need for more foster families to come forward has never been greater.

We have made a short advert, using real, incredible foster carers who share their experience to encourage people to consider fostering for Devon County Council.

The advert is going out on Sky TV throughout January, February and March, and it’s also on Facebook and Twitter, with extra film snippets being shared weekly promoting #FosterFriday.

We’re encouraging people to watch the advert and to help spread the word by tagging in people they know would make a great foster carer.

Sarah, one of the carers in the advert, explains:

“Fostering has had a huge impact on our lives. We’ve had so much joy out of doing it, and so much joy out of welcoming children into our home.

“I would recommend Fostering Devon because they support us, look after us, give us the training we need and they are there for the children.”

Another carer, Kim, who also features in the film, was delighted when she first watched it:

“Wow! This is one of the most honest and powerful films I’ve ever seen regarding fostering. You’ve captured what it’s like to foster brilliantly and I’m hopeful this will encourage more people to at least consider fostering!”

For anyone interested in finding out more about fostering and what it takes, please watch the TV advert and download an introduction to fostering before getting in touch.

2 comments on “Devon foster carers feature in TV advert to encourage others to consider fostering for Devon

  1. Kevin Bendle says:

    This is nothing to be proud of, why such an increase?
    Is Devon county taking children relentlessly rather than working with the family to resolve issues. I would say most families would rather have family members looking after children so to prevent the children any transaction of going into care. It appears to me this is not happening, no wonder there’s a £10 million overspend by DCC in children’s services as they relentlessly take children from loving homes. I can accept fostering may be the answer in some cases where drug and alcohol abuse is evident along with physical abuse. However, if there are extended family of good standing and willing to help, surely it is in the best interest of the child to be placed there and not subjected to the mental trauma of being taken away.

    • Hi Kevin. Thank you for your comment. No. We do not take children relentlessly rather than working with the family to resolve issues. We want children and young people to have the best start in life. We believe children should live with their family or someone who knows them best and will help to support families to achieve the changes they want to see for themselves and their children. We will take swift action when children need to be protected from harm. Many thanks.

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