Devon JSA claimants fall to lowest on record for third month in a row

Posted on: 20 July 2016

The number of Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) claimants in Devon during June  fell by 150 compared to the previous month,  to 3,087 – the lowest figure on record.

The figure is a massive 15% (529) fall on June 2015, the previous year.

Seven of Devon’s eight districts experienced falls in claimants, ranging between seven and 37 claimants. Exeter was the exception, rising by just 3 claimants.

The claimant rate – the proportion of the county’s working age population claiming JSA –  remained largely the same, with Mid Devon, North Devon and Torridge falling by 0.1% – the rest remaining unchanged.

Between May and June 2016 the figures in East Devon fell by 6%, in Mid Devon by 2%, North Devon 8%, South Hams 9%, Teignbridge 3%, Torridge 9% and 6% in West Devon.

Claimant count rates in all of Devon’s Districts were well below the national average of 1.4%, with the highest rate of 1% in Torridge and the lowest in the South Hams, at 0.5%.

Youth claimant numbers across Devon (claimants aged 24 and under) fell by 30 claimants between May and June 2016.

At a district level, all of Devon’s districts, with the exception of East Devon, either experienced falls in youth claimants or remained unchanged from May.

Exeter experienced a fall of 10 claimants over the Period, whereas in East Devon the number rose by 5 claimants, although the youth claimant count rate in East Devon remains below the national average.

Devon County Councillor Andrew Leadbetter, Cabinet Member for Economy Cllr Andrew Leadbetter2and Growth, said:

“It is great to see JSA claimants continuing to fall across Devon.

“Whilst falls are to be expected around June, as the summer tourist season begins, it is nevertheless encouraging to see levels consistently at their lowest on record – following on the back of substantial reductions in JSA claimants over the last few years.

“At a time when Devon and the country are entering a period of change however, there is no room for complacency.

“As a council we continue to collaborate on LEP wide schemes, aiming to boost productivity, inward investment and employment; as well as promoting Devon as a place to visit and invest.

“This includes successful bids for government grants for investment in ultrafast broadband, as well as to the Government’s Growth Deal package for investment in infrastructure across Devon.

“Our Devon Delivers Business Promotion grant continues to help business tap into growing markets, whilst at the same time backing schemes aiming to reduce unemployment, boost wages and increase the diversity of our economy. This is in addition to our network of Work Hubs which are providing valuable shared employment space for start-ups, and our countywide Enterprise in Schools Grant, seeking to boost entrepreneurial spirit in our schools.”

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