Devon maintains status as one of the top recycling counties


Posted on: 27 August 2019

Devon has maintained its status as one of the top recycling counties in England, recycling 56% of household waste.

The latest 2018/2019 draft figures show an increase of 2% when compared to the previous year.

Of the eight Devon districts the highest rate was in East Devon – their recycling rate is at 59.1%.

The figure follows their introduction of mixed plastics and cardboard recycling as well as a three weekly residual waste collection and a separate food waste collection and means that East Devon is now among the best recycling districts in England.

Torridge saw the biggest increase from 41.2% to 51.3%.

This follows the introduction of a fortnightly residual waste collection from a weekly one and separate food waste and garden waste collection.

The figures also show that despite an increase in the number of homes overall waste growth has decreased slightly by -0.1%. Both Exeter and East Devon have low waste generated per household compared to other councils nationally.

This means that Devon residents are throwing away less waste – ‘dustbin’ waste is down by 6472 tonnes.

The figures also show that the county’s Household Waste Recycling Centres recycled 75% of their waste.

Councillor David Harvey, the chairman of the Devon Authorities Strategic Waste Committee said:

“Householders do a great job and have made Devon one of the best performing counties in the country. The reduction in waste produced is particularly commendable with both Exeter and East Devon having lower volumes generated per household.

“Figures from Torridge and East Devon indicate that if residual ‘general’ waste collections are reduced and services such as separate food waste collections are added people respond to that and make the extra effort to separate their waste and rates increase.

“It’s important to view waste as a resource, a material that can be reused, and not just something to be thrown away, that’s why we are really encouraging residents to please keep up the good work and carry on reducing, reusing and recycling.”

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  1. Marie Brewster says:

    This is great news, however, how can we find out the end point of the recycling process please? Where does our recycling end up?

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