Devon pledges to compost more

Posted on: 10 May 2017

More than 2,000 pledges to recycle food waste has been made by Devon residents,  thanks to a prize draw.

Last month Devon residents were given the chance to win a composting bin – if they pledged online to compost their kitchen or garden waste.

The prize draw was all part of a county-wide initiative by Recycle Devon, a partnership of 10 councils including Devon County Council, eight district authorities and one unitary council.

The aim was to encourage more people to either compost food or garden waste at home or make use of their food waste collection in areas where they have them.

In total 1,062 people,  spanning each and every Devon district and Torbay,  made 2046 online pledges – and 100 of those won a composting bin.

There are 15 winners each in East Devon, Torbay and Exeter, nine in both Mid Devon and South Hams, 10 in North Devon, 14 in Teignbridge, seven in Torridge and six in West Devon.

The highest number of entries came from Teignbridge, 188 and East Devon, 181.

In addition numerous other prizes,  including a wormery, a food waste gadget kit and a gardening hamper,  were won.

Liz Jarvis, Senior Waste Manager at Devon County Council said:

“We are delighted by the number of people who have pledged to compost or recycle their kitchen or garden waste.

“At least 30%* of the contents of an average household bin can be composted, so composting is the most effective way to reduce waste and help the planet.

“Composting at home over 12 months can reduce carbon emissions equivalent to that produced by a kettle in a year or a washing machine over three months**.

“It may also save money by not buying shop bought compost.”

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