Devon residents are being encouraged to ‘get composting’

Posted on: 24 May 2021

Devon residents are being encouraged to ‘get composting’ this spring as a way to use food waste such as out of date cooked food.

And to help people get started Recycle Devon has reached an agreement with getcomposting.com enabling Devon residents to purchase a range of high-quality, reduced cost, subsidised composters.

Making your own compost is a cheap and natural way of returning nutrients to the soil to support the growth of healthy plants and help your garden thrive.

As gardens and outdoor space have become highly valued during the Covid 19 pandemic, many people are making the most of the spaces available to them.

Whether it’s for relaxing, spending time with friends and family, cooking, or gardening, even the smallest space can make a big difference.

Spending time outdoors not only brings social benefits, but it’s important for physical and mental wellbeing too.

The Royal Horticultural Society says that that 30 minutes of gardening burns a comparable amount of calories to playing badminton, volleyball or practising yoga. Other benefits include significant reductions in depression and anxiety.

The selection of reduced price compost bins are available from www.getcomposting.com.

Made in the UK from recycled plastic, these budget friendly compost bins come in a range of sizes and are the perfect addition to any garden, large or small. Prices start at £14.00 for a 220L Blackwall compost bin.

The range includes a 330L Green Johanna hot composter which composts garden and food waste, even cooked food, bones, meat, and fish into natural, organic compost.

Vice chair of Devon Authorities Strategic Waste Committee, David Harvey said, “This last year has shown that people can be very creative with outdoor space. You don’t need a large garden to create a burst of colour or successfully grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables. A patio, balcony or even a window ledge are all ideal spaces and can be used to grow a surprising amount. If you’re a complete novice, tomato and strawberry plants are a good place to start. They don’t need much space and you’ll be amazed at how good they taste.”

Adding homemade compost to beds, baskets and pots adds nutrients back into the soil and is a great way of restoring the natural balance in your garden.

For more information about composting at home visit www.recycledevon.org.

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