Devon school lollipop patrols reprieved

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Posted on: 1 March 2016

Devon County Council leader John Hart has shelved plans to ask schools to pay for their own lollipop men and women after reviewing representations from families across the county.

The authority had planned to save £250,000 as part of its £26 million budget cuts for 2016/17.

But, since the budget meeting earlier this month, Mr Hart has received considerably more feedback from Devon families and schools than in either of the formal public consultations on the issue last year.

Councillors were set to debate what measures could be put in place to improve road safety when the patrols were withdrawn at a scrutiny meeting on Monday.

Those measures could have included the installation of traffic lights or zebra crossings.

Councillor John Hart

Councillor John Hart

Mr Hart said: “We are required by law to set our budget by the end of February and achieve the savings imposed on us by the Government.

“We continue to face tough choices on our budget in Devon due to the austerity cuts but I welcome this further discussion of the issue by scrutiny

“Since the Budget meeting on February 18, I have been contacted by hundreds of parents and grandparents – far more than took part in the two public consultations last year.

“I have listened to these families and all the other people, including schools, who have been in contact to say: ‘Please keep our patrols’.

“I have heard from a lot of mums and dads who were deeply worried about their children’s safety and obviously that is paramount.

“On reflection, I believe this was the wrong decision. Our budget is extremely tight but we will now find the money to fund the lollipop ladies and men.

“And I want to reassure all the people who have been in contact that – whilst I remain leader of this administration at County Hall – I will not re-introduce this measure.”

9 comments on “Devon school lollipop patrols reprieved

  1. Geoff says:

    It takes a big man to admit when he gets something wrong but in the conservatives in charge at DCC and Teignbridge there are some very big men who, on recognising their executive have made an error are not afraid of , nor shy away from correcting the error , I can’t see for one second anyone’s soon else but the conservative administration on both Devon and Teignbridge councils having the guts to do this and reverse the original Decision , well done and thank you both leaders at the two councils for your honesty and integrity and putting the children’s safety before all else

  2. Ramona Kauth says:

    I am so relieved! This decision is certainly the best for children and families! I am very glad MP John Hart was able to have the integrity to reverse the previous decision to remove the safety patrol wardens.

  3. S Glover says:

    This is fantastic news. Will Schools that have already lost their patrols been reinstated though? We’ve lost ours at Littletown Primary in Honiton, will this be reinstated please?

  4. Mark Hawley says:

    Excellent decision , one that has the potential to save lives. As a parent I thank you. As a paramedic I have seen too many times the devastation caused when children and road vehicles come together. I’m sure you are faced with somed difficult choices at the moment and this I believe is the right one. Thank you.

    • Graham Heysett says:

      Evidence that reducing traffic will have a big effect on reducing collisions with children.

  5. Amanda Smith says:

    Hallelujah sense has kicked in ..There is still hope!

  6. Amanda swift says:

    Im glad you are now keeping the lollipop men and women

  7. Debbie says:

    Absolutely fantastic!!! At least someone has seen sense and put the safety of our children first!!!

  8. Emma says:

    Thank God, you have seen sense!

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