Devon wins first place in 2014 No Smoking Day Awards

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Posted on: 20 November 2014

Devon County Council has won first place in the 2014 No Smoking Day Awards for the category of Best Community/Local Partnership

The No Smoking Day campaign is one of the UK’s biggest annual health campaigns. The campaign is run by the British Heart Foundation and encourages hundreds of thousands of smokers to make attempt to quit each year.

Devon has a population of around 750,000 making it challenging to carry out a marketing campaign that combined a broad reach with a community feel.

To solve this problem and publicise No Smoking Day, a separate leaflet was designed and produced for each district.  The leaflet listed every single point in each region that a smoker could go to for local NHS Stop Smoking Advice.

This might be the specialist team, or a pharmacy, their GP, a leisure centre or dental surgery. This gives the public much more choice over when and where they can access the stop smoking service in what is a very rural area.

14,000 leaflets were sent to GPs, district nurses, 44 children’s centres, 40 pharmacies, 8 leisure centres, 50 libraries and 6 dental practices.

In addition, the Council promoted the Smokefree South West Betheretomorrow campaign which highlighted a case study of a North Devon woman wanting to become pregnant. It also sent out information on No Smoking Day to district councils, acute trusts, youth services and some employer organisations.

The Council linked with Exeter University Student’s Guild who ran a Twitter campaign for the students using tweets from the No Smoking Day website.

Finally a letter was sent out to all primary schools in Devon about an Art competition for NSD inviting students aged 6-12 to design a poster with the theme ‘V for Victory’.

The libraries service in Devon was especially enthusiastic to support No Smoking Day and publicised the posters and leaflets in all its 50 libraries across the county. Combe Martin Library in North Devon linked up with the local pharmacy and directed interested smokers to the pharmacy’s stop smoking service.

“Devon Libraries is delighted to work with Public Health colleagues on promoting positive health and lifestyle messages. Libraries are trusted community spaces available to everybody and wether it’s the provision of information or events and activities that support people in giving up smoking, we are keen to continue supporting Devon Public Health in their work.” Colin Bray, Development Officer for Devon Libraries

for more information, go to no smoking day

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