Devon youth offending team receive accreditation

Posted on: 23 November 2015

Devon’s Youth Offending Service has received a nationally acclaimed accreditation for the way it works with young offenders and their victims.

The service works with vulnerable young people who have committed offences or who are at risk of doing so, turning them away from crime such as criminal damage, robbery and assault.

It also works with victims, who lives have been detrimentally affected by the crimes.

Now it’s been awarded with the Restorative Service Quality Mark, in recognition of its approach that brings offenders and victims together to talk about their shared experiences.

Offenders and victims are brought together so that the experience and the impact of the offence on the victim can be shared and understood by the offender.

It’s important because it helps the offender understand the consequence of their actions, the impact on others, and allows them to make efforts to repair the harm.

The meetings often helps victims come to terms with the offences and to move forward.

Achieving the Restorative Justice Quality Mark puts the service in a small group of just 24 other organisations nationally, from sectors including criminal justice, education and care, that have gained the same recognition.

Devon Youth Offending Service Matt Wilcox receives the accrediation on behalf of the team

Devon Youth Offending Service Matt Wilcox receives the accreditation on behalf of the team

It required a rigorous assessment in which the service had to demonstrate that it delivers good quality, safe restorative practice.

Devon Youth Offending Service is run by Devon County Council, and works with the police, health and probation services.

Councillor James McInnes, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for the service, said:

“Working restoratively means to work with people rather than doing things for or to them. It empowers people to take control of their lives, deal with harm, take responsibility and enables them to be a more productive member of their community.

“Attaining this quality mark is a great achievement for the team, and an indication of the high standard of work we do in helping turn around the lives of young people who have fallen into offending.”

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