Devon’s community composting groups set for reprieve

Posted on: 24 February 2017

Measures aimed at softening the impact of proposed changes to the amount the authority pays community groups to compost, will be recommended to Devon County Council’s Cabinet.

A consultation held last year included proposals to reduce the discretionary community composting credit rate, the amount per tonne the authority pays to local community groups, from £58 to £25.

The proposed change, which would start  from April 2017, aimed to bring the rate paid to the county’s 25 voluntary composting groups broadly into line with the new contract rate offered by DCC’s new contractor from the same date.

Now following the consultation,  Councillor Roger Croad, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, says that he wants the reductions to take place gradually over three years, instead of the one year that was originally proposed, to reduce the impact.

If agreed by cabinet, under the new proposals the rate would be set at £50 from April 2017 for the first year. By 2020 this will reduce to around £25.

Councillor Roger Croad said: “In the current financial climate it is difficult to justify paying a higher rate to community groups than we would to our new contractor to manage the same waste.

“However I recognise the significant and valuable contribution many groups make to our local communities,  and that’s why I have concluded that bringing the rate down gradually over three years instead of one would give groups time to adjust and make any transition easier.

“This will enable us to work with community composting groups to help ensure that their operating model is sustainable over the long term.”

The other proposals in the consultation, including charging for all plastic construction and demolition DIY waste at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) will go ahead and take effect from April 1 2017.

In addition HWRC’s will no longer accept heating-type oil tanks of all sizes. And to discourage traders from accessing the sites illegally, to reduce congestion and improve safety, vehicles over six metres in length and pick up trucks towing trailers, will be excluded from HWRCs.

The results of the waste consultation will be discussed at Devon County Council’s next Cabinet meeting on March 8 2017.

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