Devon’s JSA Claimants fall for August

Cllr Leadbetter

Posted on: 16 September 2015

Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) claims in Devon fell by 44 claimants between July and August.

The overall claimant rate for Devon, as a proportion of the county’s working age population, remained the same at 0.8%, far below the UK average of 1.7%.

At a district level, East Devon, Mid Devon, North Devon and Torridge experienced small increases in claimants – the largest being East Devon at 13 claimants. All other districts experienced falls in the number of claimants – the largest drop being in West Devon, falling by 47 claimants (a 24% drop from July).

The claimant rate at a district level remained unchanged from July – the highest rate still being Torridge at 1.2%, but still far below the UK average of 1.7%.

The number of people aged 24 and under claiming JSA in Devon fell by 5 claimants between July and August. At a district level the picture was mixed, East Devon increasing by 10 claimants and North Devon, South Hams and West Devon decreasing by 10 claimants. The remaining districts experienced no change.

In terms of the number of people aged 24 and under claiming JSA in Devon as a proportion of total claimants, Devon’s figure rose by 0.1% to equal the UK average figure of 20.7%. At a district level East Devon, Exeter, Teignbridge, Torridge and West Devon experienced small increases – East Devon experiencing the largest rise of 1.7% from July.

Devon County Councillor Andrew Leadbetter, Cabinet Member for Economy and Growth, said: “It is encouraging to see Job Seeker’s Allowance claimants continue their downward trend for August – the small drop in youth claimants for Devon being a welcome sign of potential positive change. However, the fall in youth claimants is small, and varies at a district level, showing that there is no room for complacency when it comes to tackling youth unemployment in Devon.

“Devon County Council continues to invest in schemes that are seeking to reduce unemployment throughout Devon and provide greater opportunity for our youth, working closely with our Local Enterprise Partnership to drive forward new European funding programmes to improve employability, apprenticeships and skills.”

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