Devon’s the ‘place to be’ for walking and cycling

Posted on: 14 January 2016

A short video promoting Devon’s stunning network of walking and cycling trails to people around the world has been released.

The video kick-starts a campaign to encourage ramblers, cyclists, tourists and locals to take advantage of the county’s wonderful variety of walking and cycling trails.

It also encourages people to highlight Devon for walking and cycling this year on the  ‘#PlaceToBe’  Twitter feed.

The short video has been created, in collaboration with Visit Devon, and shares the fantastic walking and cycling routes Devon has to offer.

The film will be used across social media to encourage people to spread the word, and get more people using the trails.

With miles of traffic-free walking and cycling trails set in spectacular natural landscapes, Devon is presented as the ultimate destination for an active getaway for all the family.

Whether viewers are in the market for a leisurely stroll to take in the vistas, a family-friendly cycle ride to the beach, or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, there are plenty of fun-filled options to choose from.

The film encourages people to stretch their legs on the South West Coast Path, discover the delights of the traffic-free and family-friendly Exe Estuary Trail or challenge themselves to pedal the 100 mile Devon Coast to Coast route.

For those of us who live here, we may know that we are lucky, but do we make the best of what is on our doorstep?

Councillor Andrea Davis, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member responsible for Improving Health and Wellbeing said: “Devon’s natural environment provides the most wonderful opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to get out and about to discover new interests and places, all of which can have a very positive effect on improving our health and well-being.”

Councillor Stuart Hughes responsible for Devon’s cycle route network, said: “Being outside and enjoying somewhere special helps us feel happier and more connected to nature, whether that’s on an off-road trail or more challenging route.
“Devon has an exceptional variety of multi-use routes set in some of the country’s most beautiful natural landscapes.
“We’re looking forward to showcasing this fantastic walking and cycling offer both inside and outside Devon.”

The campaign will use shortened versions of the film to target families, older couples and keen cyclists, encouraging them all to find their #PlaceToBe on a walking and cycling holiday in Devon.
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6 comments on “Devon’s the ‘place to be’ for walking and cycling

  1. Matthew says:

    Great video, really positive!

  2. Carole says:

    The advert seemed to be mainly about cycling and cycle paths, and not walking. Nice scenery, but I am not sure it would inspire anyone to realise that the words at the end are where they should go for information. I know because I read your post on your website.
    I looked on Visit Devon for walking which I do. 3500 miles of footpaths and trails I read and on looking at their list – only two routes in my area of East Devon. One 4.5 miles and the other about 5 miles.
    Also not everyone “Twitters” so there will be a lot of people – myself included that do not want to use Twitter, so your twitterings will be lost for them. (This is not only older people, lots of young people and families do not use it.) I do not understand why big and small companies assume everyone uses Twitter, Facebook or the others. I and others use your websites and find that we cannot get the information needed. Please rethink the only using twitter for contact.
    Anyway best of luck with the campaign. It is a lovely county to be out and about in, no matter what the weather.

    • Hi Carole, thanks for your comment.

      Devon County Council has worked on a number of high-quality walking and cycling projects over the years, and with routes suitable for all ages, interests and abilities, this campaign aims to inspire people outside the county to visit Devon and use them.

      We feel that the video gives a flavour of these walking and cycling routes, many of which are set in stunning natural landscapes and near to iconic Devon destinations such as Haytor and our beautiful beaches.

      Sharing the video online via a range of social media channels gives us great value for money, and enables us to reach lots of people regardless of their location. We appreciate social media wont reach everyone, but we are pleased with how popular the video is proving already, with over 20,000 views, 350 shares and 130 likes to date since it was posted on Travel Devon’s Facebook page 4 January.

  3. David Incoll says:

    We are so fortunate in Devon to have benefiited from substantial investment in cycling and walking routes that afford us the opportunity to experience the full range of environments

  4. John Forte says:

    A slow, cheesy video with naff music and cringe-worthy ‘poetry.’ Really? In this day and age I believe you need something infinitely more enticing and upbeat to attract people. The content bears no resemblance to the Devon me or my friends love and we walk and cycle it every day. Please reimagine this before sending it out!

    • DCC says:

      It is a shame you don’t like the video as we have had lots of positive feedback. We are trying to encourage a whole range of people to come to Devon and enjoy walking and cycling while they are here. Can I also assure you that the whole video was filmed in Devon using local people. There have been over 10,000 views in the first couple of weeks, which has more than doubled the number of daily hits to the Explore Devon website.

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