Education secretary confirms details of new funding system for schools

Posted on: 14 September 2017

Education Secretary Justine Greening has confirmed details of a new funding system for schools in England.

She says it will put an end to the historic postcode lottery that saw huge differences in funding between similar schools in different parts of the country.

We’re still crunching the numbers in the announcement but our Cabinet member for schools, James McInnes, gave this initial reaction:

Devon County Council’s Cabinet member for schools, James McInnes, said:

“We campaigned strongly against the previous formula with our schools and MPs. That would have penalised two thirds of the children in Devon’s schools.

“Clearly, the devil is in the detail and we still have to number crunch the latest figures. But it appears the Government has listened to our strong and united opposition to the previous formula and also to the national campaigning work we did with the f40 group, which represents the lowest funded education areas.

“Our initial assessment of Justine Greening’s new proposals suggests that 13 of our 42 secondary and all-through schools will benefit from the proposals to ensure every pupil has £4,800 of funding whilst none should lose out.

“Many of our primary schools should also benefit from the uplift in per capita funding and also from the increase in funding for rural areas and schools in sparsely populated areas.

“We also hope to gain at least £320,000 extra for our most vulnerable children by the increase in funding for high needs but this will in no way compensate for all the extra pressures we face.

“There is no doubt that schools in Devon are facing tough times financially and I am very hopeful that when we have all the details on this announcement it will go some way to alleviating those pressures.”

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