Examination hearings for Devon Minerals Plan

Minerals Plan

Posted on: 16 May 2016

Examination hearings to consider objections to the new Devon Minerals Plan will take place in Exeter next week.

The Plan underwent consultation last Autumn, and proposes sites to achieve the supply of minerals to 2033.

Hearings will take place at County Hall from Tuesday 24 May to Friday 27 May, starting each day at 10am.

A government inspector, Mr Andrew Freeman, will conduct the hearings to establish the soundness of the Minerals Plan. Participation in the hearings is limited to people that responded to last year’s consultation and have already requested to take part, although any person can attend to observe the hearings.

The emerging Devon Minerals Plan will eventually replace the existing Minerals Local Plan of 2004, and it is anticipated that it will be adopted by the end of this year.

The Plan aims to maintain the supply of the wide range of mineral resources produced in Devon, while minimising adverse effects on Devon’s communities and environment. While some of these resources have adequate reserves to last beyond the next 18 years, it is necessary for the Plan to propose some new areas for working to ensure supply.

The programme for the hearings and all supporting information is available on Devon County Council’s website.

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