Exciting learning in welcoming Exeter primary

Children, who are unidentifiable, playing in the school play ground

Posted on: 11 December 2019

Pupils enjoy their learning at an Exeter primary school where teachers ensure lessons are exciting and relevant, according to a new report.

Education inspectors say that Alphington Primary School continues to be a good school.

Ofsted inspector Tom Morrison visited the school for two days last month and his report has just been published.

He concludes: “Pupils enjoy coming to this school and are proud of it.

“Teachers create activity-filled ‘hook’ days to introduce new topics which make learning exciting and relevant. Pupils enjoy their learning.

“Staff have high expectations of pupils, encouraging them to do their best.”
Alphington was last rated as a good school in January 2017 and this was a ‘light touch’ inspection to ensure it has continued to improve.

The new headteacher Sharon Tarr took over from Debbie Buckingham at the start of the last academic year.

“The new headteacher has established a strong leadership team,” Mr Morrison says. “They work together well to improve the school.

“These leaders are passionate about ensuring that all pupils get the best possible education.

“Leaders work well with staff and governors to make the school a safe and welcoming community (and) work hard to make sure that behaviour is good and pupils are happy.

“The arrangements for safeguarding are effective and pupils feel safe and are safe. Pupils report that behaviour is good and they feel happy at school.”

Mr Morrison says children get a good start in the Nursery and Reception classes and all the pupils like the clubs and sports teams that are available to them.

To continue to improve, he says the school should provide appropriate opportunities for pupils to recall and practise key knowledge across all subjects and should continue to improve assessment so it effectively supports learning in all subjects and year groups.

Alphington headteacher Sharon Tarr said: “I am incredibly proud to be headteacher of Alphington Primary School and delighted that the strengths of the school were recognised in our recent inspection.

“I look forward to continuing working with the school and its community to ensure children get the best possible education.”

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