Exeter pupils rewarded for life skills

picture of children sat at a long dining table, being served soft drinks at their mealChildren at Whipton Barton school enjoying their meal

Posted on: 27 February 2019

Twelve lucky Exeter school pupils have been out for a slap-up lunch as reward for their success in a novel life skills programme.

The Whipton Barton Federation in Exeter, which includes a nursery and the infant and junior schools, has been running the life skills course for its pupils.

It is part of the school’s extra-curricular work on life skills which is teaching the children a range of skills they need to succeed in the wider world.

One of the skills is correctly using a knife and fork at meal times. Every time the mealtime staff noticed a child doing this, their names were entered in pot.

Just before half-term, executive headteacher Gary Read drew 12 names out of the pot and the children, aged from five to 11, were treated to a meal at Café Rouge in the city centre.

The restaurant’s general manager, Adam Shields, created a special menu and provided the children’s food for free.

Mr Read said: “In a fast-paced world, it is important not to forget the part sharing a meal plays in conversation and bringing people together.

“With more convenience food and ‘eating on the move’ we have found many of our children lack these dining skills, including using knives and forks.

“I’ve been amazed how quickly the children have picked these skills up after being taught by our mealtime staff.

“The possibility of being taken to a restaurant for lunch certainly encouraged them and I would like to thank Café Rouge for supporting us.”

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