Fair deal demanded for Devon on health spending

Posted on: 5 July 2016

Devon County Council is campaigning to get a fair deal for vital public health funding.

New figures show Devon is one of the worst funded counties in the country for public health spending.

Devon gets £38 a head for public health while the City of London receives £200 and Kensington and Chelsea £141. The national average is £62.

That places Devon in the bottom 10 of 150 local authorities.

Now Devon County Council leader John Hart and the Cabinet member for health, Andrea Davis, are calling on the Government for fair funding for public health.

The powerful Local Government Association – which represents all local authorities – is debating the issue at its annual conference in Bournemouth this week. (July 5-7)

And Mr Hart and Mrs Davis are asking their colleagues to give their backing to the call for fair funding.

Mr Hart said: “We’ve campaigned successfully with schools across Devon to get the Government to introduce fair funding for education and put an end to the historic under-funding of our children.

Council Leader John Hart

Council Leader John Hart

“But the discrepancy between local authorities in public health funding is far wider than in schools.

“If we cannot win extra cash for our work in preventing ill health then we at least need to get fair funding.

“I have worked with the leaders of other badly-funded councils around the country to ensure that this issue is highlighted at the LGA conference.”

Mrs Davis said: “Public health helps to reduce demand on our hard-pressed hospitals and social care services by helping people live healthier lives through stopping smoking, healthier eating and being more active.

“Our budgets in Devon – and across the country – are being reduced.


Cllr Andrea Davis

“The LGA has produced a number of case studies to demonstrate that every pound spent on preventative action saves more than seven pounds being spent on treating illness.

“If we cannot win more cash for Devon then at least we will fight for the county to be treated fairly.”

5 comments on “Fair deal demanded for Devon on health spending

  1. Lucy says:

    Is there an online petition or template letter to send to an MP we could obtain does anyone know please?

    • Hi Lucy. Sorry for the delay while checking. No, we’ve not got an online petition or template letter, but you can always contact your local MP anyway. Thanks for the follow up.

  2. Geoffrey Morton says:

    A popular misconception is that if you live in the countryside of which many believe we do in the West Country then we are healthier WRONG.We have a great deal of people who come here to retire, youngsters here are like every other youngster around the country and suffer from the lack of space to take up sport and so get healthier. You are more likely to have more toxins in your body in the countryside than you are in the city i recently read due to the amount of chemicals passed in the wind from spraying crops. Devon has always been on the back foot of funding due to demographics yet everyone visits us in the summer putting further pressures on the existing NHS Services of which non of them contribute to locally as they’re on holiday.Its not that we don’t welcome them its just not taken into the equation. Yet again Devon is rated as a 2nd class citizen within the country.The country is already divided because the politicians treat people differently all around our country. Everyone living in this country is equal and should be treated so,even more so when it comes into funding.

  3. Debbie West says:

    This is absolutely disgraceful. Why are we not worth the same as people who live in rich London boroughs? We pay our Council Tax; have paid our taxes, and NI all our lives. There is absolutely NO justification in this “ratio of value per person”. If a person requires healthcare from the National Health Service – exactly what it is called, then we should all receive the same level of care.
    Why are we so badly funded in Devon when our health services, especially in certain areas, have to deal with high amounts of tourists and second home owners (renting out property) who don’t contribute as much – but still require care?

  4. Martina Edmonds says:

    Iam sorry to say that I have been unaware of the inequality in funding from central government for NHS services.
    How is it that Devon is so badly funded? And why has nothing been done before?

    I will be writing to my MP on this matter.

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