First parking charges increase for five years

Posted on: 20 April 2016

Drivers parking in communities throughout Devon for an hour or more are being urged to help tackle congestion by choosing district council car parks over Devon County Council’s (DCC) on-street parking bays.

In what will be the first on-street parking increase in Devon for five years, from Monday 9 May 2016 an increase in tariffs will begin to be rolled out across the county.

It follows concern that many drivers contribute towards congestion by preferring to ‘circle’ the roads looking for vacant slightly cheaper on-street parking bays, instead of using district, city or borough council parking facilities.

However the charges will not affect residents and visitors stopping off for less than 1 hour at local shops to buy goods or services or those making deliveries – there will be no change to short term (less than 1 hour) tariff rates.

The principle will be that DCC’s on-street bays should not be more attractive than the nearest district council car park alternative, which are clearly signed and generally do not bring drivers through the busiest central streets.

The tariff increase was rubber stamped by Devon County Council’s Cabinet committee in February and outlined in the authority’s Local Transport Plan.

The increases will vary slightly across Devon as the county’s eight district authorities (including Exeter) levy slightly different tariffs in different areas.

The changes are:

• A 10% increase in all 1 hour tariff rates (rounded up to the nearest 10p).
• 10% above equivalent off street charge on all long stay tariffs (greater than 1 hour) OR 10% increase on existing rate where no off street parking.
• No increase to be greater than 50% (subject to coin size).
• No change to short term (30 minutes or less) tariff rates.

Controlling parking provision within residential areas near town centres, ensuring a consistent approach to charging across the county and reducing long stay on-street parking within town centres are part Devon County Council’s Local Transport Plan strategy to reduce congestion.

Councillor Stuart Hughes

Cllr Stuart Hughes

Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for parking and traffic management, Councillor Stuart Hughes, said:

“By getting drivers to select off street car parks rather than circling the roads looking for the cheaper option it will help us better manage traffic.

“There hasn’t been an increase in on-street parking tariffs since April 2011 and since then there has been an increase in the Retail Price Index of 15% in the five years to September 2015.

“But this isn’t about raising money, it’s about traffic management and effective traffic flow and we hope by introducing a small increase it will encourage motorists to choose the facilities operated by our district council partners.”

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