Care worker parking permit will improve service to clients

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Posted on: 12 December 2018

Care workers visiting clients in their homes across Devon will soon be permitted to park for free on single and double yellow lines for up to an hour if alternative parking isn’t available.

Devon County Council’s Cabinet approved extending the Care Workers Parking Exemption Scheme on Wednesday 12 December.

Currently the scheme allows care workers, social care staff and health staff who use on-street parking while delivering essential services to residents in their own homes, to use a special permit.

This allows them to park on-street without time limit for free in limited waiting, on street pay and display and residents’ parking bays.

Once legal work has been completed and new permits issued, the extension will also allow them to park on roads with single and double yellow lines – but only if nearby alternative parking isn’t available.

In line with the existing exemption, carers will be required to display a permit and in addition a timeclock,  similar to those found on blue badges.

The proposals follow a recent online consultation. Of the 150 people who filled in the questionnaire, 89% agreed that including yellow lines in the scheme would make their jobs easier and 80% said it would help them care for their clients.

Almost 65% said it would help them manage stress and most said that parking near their clients’ homes would help them feel safer if they were working alone.

It is expected that the change will come into force in the next financial year.

Councillor Stuart Hughes Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways Management said:

Councillor Stuart Hughes

“By providing the flexibility that care support workers need, it will make it easier for them to do their jobs.
“Since the present permit was launched many care workers have said that parking remains an issue and as a consequence I endorsed an extension to the scheme to include double and single yellow lines.
“Care workers and agencies will need to apply for an official two-part permit and parking will only be permitted if there is no nearby alternative.
“However we recognise the pressures the health and care sector is currently under and that’s why we will not charge for these permits.”

Councillor Andrew Leadbetter, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health Services said:

Councillor Andrew Leadbetter

“We value care workers highly and we have made these changes because they have told us it will make their jobs easier and improve their access to clients living at home.
“It will reduce the pressure care workers feel when looking for parking, and help them to arrive at their appointments in good time, which will improve the service they can deliver to their clients and help them continue to live independently.”

17 comments on “Care worker parking permit will improve service to clients

  1. howard says:

    still no news – when will carers be able to park on yellow lines? I did try to contact Cllr. Hughes by email but to no avail what is going on please!

    • Hi Howard. Our traffic management team have been working with colleagues in health and care services to plan the roll out. It’s planned that the new service will launch this Autumn, 2019, but as the dates become finalised, we’ll be updating everyone then. Thanks for asking.

  2. IAN NIXON says:

    How do care workers apply for these parking permits.

    • Dear Ian
      The permits aren’t available just yet, we are looking to launch the improved scheme within the next few months or so. We will be widely publicising how to apply for them soon – including on the newscentre – and what the associated restrictions and benefits are.

  3. Anthony says:

    I fully this support this initiative.
    I just wanted to confirm that there will be some guidance for users of this scheme to ensure that although they may be able to park on double/single yellow lines, that they will still have to consider that they can only do this where it is safe to do so in line with the Road Traffic Act.

    Could we consider any schemes that support Carers having access to bicycles etc through something like the cycle to work scheme?

    Are DCC able to negotiate with the local bus companies to allow Carers to utilise public transport as an alternative form of transport. (I think the Post Office have an agreement for their delivery staff?)

    Restricting the recruitment of Carers to those who own and can afford to operate their own vehicle limits the ability of providers to recruit enough carers?

  4. Gail Brock says:

    Great, much needed to help relieve some of the pressures that our care staff have to deal with on a daily basis.

  5. Koren Turner says:

    Nice to know we are being listened to. Thank you.

  6. Ian Hobbs says:

    This will be welcomed by care agencies across Devon. It demonstrates that Devon County Council is committed to doing all it can to support care workers in their important work.

    • Tony Moore says:

      Hello Ian , yes this is good news. I put a comment on the board regarding visiting homeless people in the community (home visit only) At present the permit does not cover this. Also it’s a great achievement to get some people out of their homes into town as part of their care plans.
      Do you have any input regarding the permit condition.

  7. Jo says:

    How do I apply for this

    • david.beasley says:

      Hi Jo

      Thanks for your interest. This is likely to be in place from mid to late spring. When we can accept applications you will be able to apply in the usual way through our website.

      When we are ready to accept applications and its up and running we will post it on the news centre.

  8. Jo says:

    This would make my life and the life of my clients so much better well done

  9. Sharon ryan says:

    Absolutely brilliant news, this is going to make such a difference!! Well done.

  10. Tony Moore says:

    This is really goods news… I cannot recall seeing anything about the parking otherwise I would of given some input.
    One downfall I do see is that my company provides support for homeless and clients who need to have social inclusion or support shopping. It would be great if this could be taken into consideration with the permit.

  11. Graham Livingston says:

    Great to see Devon CC putting this in place.
    Are you watching Plymouth?

  12. John Powell says:

    Well done all involved, this will improve the situation in so many ways.

    Thank you for listening

    • Julie Cotton says:

      This will greatly help our Health & Social Care Team who visit many patients on a daily basis.
      May I request that the pass to be displayed in the staff windscreen clearly states this new exemption details as we have an old DCC pass – to be used in our local area but unfortunately have not completely relied on its reliability not to be issued with a parking fine.

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