Helping high street shops bounce back

a highstreet with shops either side of the road

Posted on: 12 August 2020

It’s Shop Local Week this week, (10 to 16 August).  Shoppers are urged to do their bit to help local businesses rebuild from the coronavirus pandemic.

We intuitively know it’s good to support our local shops, and so many of them have pulled out the stops to do things differently to support us when we needed them.

The government’s given eight other reasons why it’s good to shop local – it saves local jobs that individuals and families rely on, and it helps our local economy, to name but two.

So, let’s make it a shop local week. The high street needs the support.

Shops are geared up to keep shoppers safe with restrictions on numbers inside and social distancing.  Just follow the guidance, remember to use your face covering, and wash your hands well when you get home.

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