Helping you to live in a warmer home and saving you money

Posted on: 12 December 2017

Cosy Devon’s LEAP (Local Energy Advice Programme) is a free service providing advice, support and energy saving measures to households that are finding it difficult to keep their home warm and comfortable. A highly-trained LEAP helper will carry out a home visit and deliver help immediately. This includes:

  • installing a range of simple measures (radiator panels, LED light bulbs, draught proofing for doors, windows and letterboxes, cylinder jackets, pipe lagging)
  • organising the installation of a new heating controller where it is inadequate or broken
  • identifying larger energy efficiency measures that would improve the property where further funding is available (e.g. insulation or replacement boiler)
  • looking at the potential for savings from switching energy supplier and helps the resident to switch if required
  • checking whether the resident wants income maximisation advice and organising this

Those eligible include:

People in receipt of certain benefits, carers, those living with physical, sensory or learning disabilities, recently bereaved and many long term medical conditions.

If you know of anyone who may benefit then please call 01296 311888 or refer them into the programme using the online form at

3 comments on “Helping you to live in a warmer home and saving you money

  1. Jilly says:

    For those who work hard pay a mortgage and have no spare money, you get diddly as usual

  2. Derek Allin says:

    Thank you.

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