High quality education at Ilfracombe Infants say inspectors

Photo of Ilfracombe Infants

Posted on: 11 December 2019

Ilfracombe Infant and Nursery School has achieved a remarkable turnaround after independent inspectors said it provided a high quality education in every area of its work.

A two-day visit by three Ofsted inspectors – including a senior official – has concluded that the school’s overall effectiveness is good.

They say the school provides a good quality of education with good leadership and management.

The early years’ provision and the personal development and behaviour and attitudes of the children are also good.

It follows an inspection in 2017 when the school was judged to require improvement.
Three inspectors visited the school on November 5 and 6 and their report has just been published.

They now say: “Pupils relish learning. They are eager to read and write well (and) strive to do well.

“The majority of parents are positive about the school. They value the high-quality education, including the strong pastoral support.

“Parents overwhelmingly praised the quality of teaching and the care the staff show to pupils.”

Lead inspector Susan Aykin concludes: “One parent echoed the views of many when she stated that the school has ‘great teachers’.”

The inspectors say that Ilfracombe is a friendly and welcoming school at the centre of the community where staff have very positive, nurturing relationships with pupils.

“They ensure that pupils are safe, happy and confident,” says Ms Aykin.

“Leaders have designed an effective curriculum for pupils. Teachers and teaching assistants ensure pupils learn to read fluently and with understanding (and) ensure pupils develop their vocabulary and grammar so they can read and write with increasing complexity.

“The school is highly inclusive of pupils with special educational needs (who) thrive through strong support in the classroom.

“Disadvantaged pupils achieve well in every subject.”

The inspectors say the majority of staff enjoy working at the school and feel valued and supported by leaders and the effective and supportive governors.

They say to improve still further, the school should ensure the recording of every safeguarding concern is consistent , support a minority of staff in managing their workload and managing the few pupils who struggle with the rules.

Headteacher Claire Grant said: “I’m delighted with this recognition from Ofsted and I want to thank our staff, parents, governors and the wider community as well as our wonderful children.

“This official report certainly confirms that we are providing our children with a high quality education for all. But no-one is complacent and we will all strive to do even better in the future.”

Chair of governors Nadine Sampson said: “I want to echo everything that Claire has said but I want to pay tribute to her incredibly hard work and leadership in delivering this much-deserved result.”

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