In the words of a social worker — thank you to foster carers

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Posted on: 21 May 2020

In his words: Written by Anthony Vaughan, Social Worker, Children and Families Team

Well amongst all the anguish of coping with change and developing new routines during an International Health Pandemic, there is a group of people who go about their day to day lives making sure vulnerable children are cared for with their individual needs in mind.

These amazing people are Foster Carers.

As we all work hard to provide support to families we often forget that Foster Carers give up so much of their lives to care for vulnerable children. Of all the children and families we work with, children who cannot live with their families quite often have some of the most complex needs. Social Workers stay out late way into the night to place children with Foster Carers, at times with little to no notice and we expect them to make scared, anxious and fearful children feel comfortable.

I know that once we leave and that front door closes, the real support begins. The sleepless nights, the reassurances to be given, the understanding and accommodation of different needs. It is a skill that not many people are able to develop.

I know that every one of the children I have worked with over the last year who have been in Foster Carer have had advocates who are prepared to stand up for the rights of the children in their care. It takes courage and strength to provide a safe home.

It is Foster Care Fortnight at the moment and runs until 24th May. Let’s take a moment to say ‘Thank you’ to the carers we work with.

p.s If you want to do something amazing and make a difference to a child’s life, I am sure the Fostering Team will be happy to talk to you about how rewarding the role is. Don’t be fooled by the myths of Foster Carer recruitment of old, you may be surprised at how diverse the Foster Carer Network is.

To find out more about fostering in Devon, visit our Fostering Devon website 

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