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It will not be a normal Christmas warns Director of Public Health Devon

Steve Brown, Director of Public Health Devon (Designate)

Posted on: 24 November 2020

Steve Brown, Director of Public Health Devon (Designate) has warned that Christmas this year will be unlike previous ones, as the country tightens restrictions in response to coronavirus.

As the country waits to hear from the government, which of the Tiers they fall in to , and what if any relaxation in restrictions there’ll be over Christmas, Steve Brown has said:

“There is a lot of talk about ‘will we be able to have a normal Christmas’.

“I can categorically tell you that it will not be normal. It will not be like a previous Christmas.

“It is really important that we remind ourselves of those measures (keep social distances, wear face coverings when indoors in public spaces, and wash our hands properly and regularly), during this time.

“Even over the Christmas period, because it’s a very, very high price to pay if we relax our guard during Christmas and into the New Year.

“I am sure that everyone would agree that we need to protect our loved ones, and particularly those who are most vulnerable.”

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